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  1. Hey guys, I use Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil and i have some Fox Farm Grow Big fertilizer as well. when should i start to fertilize my plants with the grow big?

    thanks for the responces.
  2. Hard to really say. When it gets a 5 fingered leaf, you should be good to go.

    I start earlier, but only use a very mild nute solution. 1/4 tsp/gal, and work my way up to the 1tsp/gal suggested.
  3. Many people don't add anything to FFOF for the first month or so, its chokfull of goodies. This could be better cause salts build up in the soil and are hard to flush out sometimes. Maybe start with a super light solution after the 3rd or 4th week. I didnt use anything in FFOF until the 5th week, which is when i switched to flower and used tiger bloom and molasses, then i flushed the last 2.5 weeks. gluck:smoking::smoking::smoking:

  4. alright. ill hold off for a while. ill give it a try around week 3 and if i notice any burning ill stop or dilute it further.

    Also, ive been interested in adding molasses. How does that work? could someone explain that? i know what its supposed to do but what is the mixture i would add and when? i would love to know.

  5. I am no professional but I would say add 1 tablespoon of pure blackstrap mollases to 1 gallon water. Cut this in half as you wish. 1 teaspoon mollases per 1/2 gallon and so on... I recently started adding it myself after my girls showed me their pre-flowers. I also use Bio-Bizz Top Max and Bio-Grow along with Fox Farm's Grow Big. Grow Big was for veg. Now I mainly stick to my Dyna-Bloom. But yes, mollases will make your buds denser!!! Good Luck!
    p.s: Don't add mollases same time as your other nutes, (in the same watering container), they will counteract each other. They don't hurt each other once introduced to the soil though. So add your nutes one watering and add your blackstrap mollases next. Again, this is MY suggestion, others may say otherwise. Good luck....
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    You really don't need to add much other than water for about the first 30 days with FFOF, unless your plants are showing deficiencies. However the Big Bloom has lots of good trace minerals in it and its a good EWC tea... adds lots of good microbial activity to the soil. It's pretty mild stuff and you can start them at 1 tablespoon per gallon... and work your way up to 2 tbspns... if you want to be really safe start at 1/2 tbspn.

    If your using FF's other liquid nutes just remember that Grow Big and Tiger Bloom are teaspoons... only Big Bloom is tablespoons.

    Edit... I agree with above the molasses is a good addition... the microbes in the soil love the carbs.... and it can be added with the big bloom as its FF only true organic liquid fert

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