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    Okay I am well into my first grow, it has come to my attention that changing locations may be for the best, long story short I am highly considering changing the location my operations.

    The new spot already has easy access to my 4in dryer duct which exits my house. Here is my question..

    I am running a 600w HPS with a massive inline fan sucking tent air over bulb to cool bulb and out of my tent. My HPS has 6in ducting extrusions, so to keep it simple when I set up my rig I went with 6in duct.

    I have found the Y splitter that I will need for this, it goes 6in > 4in x2 which is excellent, just want I want.

    Okay I guess I lied earlier.. Here is the actual question.. lol

    I feel like the air will leave the house if I hook up my outtake fan to it? Or is there a chance the air will just go wherever the pipe takes it? Aka both ways? Into my dryer and out of my house?

    It's not like I am hiding anything, my tenants know what I am up to, I just don't want to have it painfully obvious with weed scent pumping into my dryer. At first I thought the air would somehow know to go out of my house since I would be splicing into the 4in duct right next to the exit, however, what is stopping the air from going the other way? Since I have to complete the dryer circuit. :/

    Maybe this is a dumb simple answer I don't know, that is why I am here :D

    Let me know if you have a better grasp of this concept, I'm not one for physics or anything of that nature.

    Thanks for stopping by, hope you can help :D

    VISUAL REPRESENTATION OF MY THOUGHTS (don't make fun, I did this on my laptop with a track pad in about 2 minutes. lol

  2. IMO, yes it will pump air both ways... If you run the dryer and blower, the blower will over power the dryer and not allow it to exhaust it's heat, thus taking longer to dry your clothes..

    Not to mention your dryer and clothes will start to smell like your grow chamber...
    Another issue is, you're trying to take 6" vent (which the blower was meant to use) into a 4" so you will lose the effectiveness of your blower...

    They do sell ducting that has a flap, so when the dryer is running, the flap will open, and when not running the pressure of the blower will close the flap and force it one way (out)... But again, you're still faced with trying to vent a 6" blower into a 4" vent exhaust..

    If you get a 4" blower, that should be enough to handle the heat of a 600w lamp..
  3. You never realized you will push dryer air full of lint into your grow room?
  4. No I figured the outgoing air from the grow tent would keep the dryer air from entering the grow room.

    And yes I was looking at the parts I will need to keep the air traveling in one direction. I am however concerned with the whole 6"-4" situation :/

  5. I would "assume" that the blower would over power the dryer's pressure to keep the dryer's heat out of the chamber...

    Again, I personally do not know one way or the other, I'm only assuming here because I've never seen it done...

    But I do know that you will lower the the CFM of the 6" blower trying to push it through 4" ducting....

    There is no other option??
    Can you maybe make the outlet a 6" and use 6" ducting, so the 4" dryer gets dumped into a 6" ducting, as opposed to the other way around???
  6. That small 4" duct will never handle all the air flowing with the grow exhaust and the dryer. That dryer needs to flow or the electric heat element in it will overheat.

    You should vent your grow elsewhere.

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