Silly Stoner

Discussion in 'General' started by lee platt, Jan 28, 2002.

  1. The first time I got very stoned was round a friends flat on the 4th floor after a few spliffs I decided to go home I must admit I was very wrecked and could'nt find the light switch to see my way out so i decided to decend the stairs in the dark slowly making my way down carefully checking each step as I went,as you can imagine this took some time eventually I reached the front door which I opened after much tugging only to be confronted by more stairs down to the street being so smashed for the first time I continued to tred carefully after a while I could'nt find the next step and then realised that I was about ten yards down the street still checking for steps!
  2. thats some funny stuff, thats cool that you had a good time. i wish i was that stoned right now.
  3. I do that at home sometimes.

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