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  1. Hey guys another silly noob question. I know there is a scientific equation I could use to figure this out, but why delay getting my ladies started for another month while I figure it out lol. My question is I have a 3.5 gallon bucket 6" net pot lid style. How many gallons of water should I add to have the water level 1 inch below my netpot? Is 1in a good distance starting from seed? I'm doing bubble buckets. Thanks for all the help folks.
  2. It depends on how squat your pot is. Your best bet is to add a gallon at a time till you reach the desired level.
  3. My bucket is black, any idea on how to determine depth since I can't actually see the water line.
  4. Try floating something on the water .
  5. ??? Could you give a little more detail? Sorry I'm so slow.
  6. Put something in the bucket that floats(your rubber ducky) so you can see the water level as you add one gallon at a time.
  7. drill 2 holes in the bucket, one toward the bottom (below the water line) and one higher up (above the water line). Add a 1/2" bulkhead to each hole:
    Slip Bulkhead Fitting Kits
    (you would need 2)

    then add a 1/2" 90 degree PVC elbow to each hole(one pointing down, one pointing up,each pointing at each other)

    then add a barbed fitting adapter to each 90 degree elbow and connect the top elbow with barb pointing down to the bottom elbow with barb pointing up with a piece of clear hose.

    This will give you a constant ACCURATE measure of EXACTLY how high your water level is
  8. Outstanding that's what I was looking for. +rep
  9. Now thats a nice suggestion ace.I need your help too on a better nutrient line that isnt super costly.Was thinking about getting the general hydroponics starter kit with the micro, bloom and , frow it has a couple supplements/additives aswell and is only 51$
  10. all of the lines for specialized hydroponics based around cannabis have some sort of "goodnees" to them. My best experience has been with Advanced Nutrients Sensi A&B due to the less fluctuation of pH in my increasing shallower res :)
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