Silly cops

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  1. So one summer night When i lived in Las Vegas 3 friends and i were out just rideing around in my new car. It was about 1o'clock in the morning we had stoped off at a gas station for fuel and munchies and was going to head up to sunrise mountain to chill, while at the station my buddy tony rolled 3 joints. we heasded off turn out on the main and didnt get up to speed before them flashing lights were behind me.. I'm Like what the fuck.. tony still with joints in hand is fliping he on probation so i pull over as we stop he drops the joints on the ground right outside of the car window.. Now i'm triping thinking man they seen it and were fucked.. They came up got all our ID's and questioned tony and I on what gang we were in and all that bullshit threw our Id's in tonys lap and said they didnt feel like doing paper work tonite they were letting us go(REASON FOR Being pulled ove is NOT BEING ABLE TO SEE PAPER PLATE THROUGH TINT ON WINDOW) They pulled off tony grabed the joints and we were gone.... turned out to be a great night....
  2. Ha ha, lucky!
  3. wait why did you getpulled over? ur windows were too tinted or no?
  4. they couldnt see the tags in the rear window im guessing because of tint.
  5. probably bad idea to drop out of the window, though. you could be charged worse if they found out. probably would of been ok if he put it under the seat or something

  6. Oh, so that's what he meant by 'paper plates'! I was thinkin', "What? They saw him eating or something and couldn't see what was on the paper plate?" That just didn't seem like probable cause to me...! :D
  7. No matter where he put them he whould have been in trouble. If they would have ran our names they would have seen that tony was on parole and could have searched the car just because he was in it..
  8. Ya thats a pretty stupid reason to pull someone over, they were probably just trying to catch you guys doing something else (rolling joints :p):smoking: silly pigs
  9. damn man i cant bleieve the cops didnt see you ditch the joints they sometimes do guess you got lucky

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