Silent Hill

Discussion in 'General' started by KutmasteR, Apr 22, 2006.

  1. Scarriest movie i have ever seen while high, its awesome i reccomend it to anyone! :hello:

  2. me fucking too. i read reviews and everyone is like "meh" but for the first half of the movie i was so sucked into it! very cool atmosphere and my jaw was literally completely down at some of the crazy parts

    we came into the theater and i have like tacos stuffed in my pocket and it was so dark cuz the movie already started so me and two friends were stumbling up the stairs and downthe aisles, i was so scared i was going to touch someone! we finally found a seat and i it was still pitch black and i pulled out my taco and the screen went completely white and i was just sitting there holding a taco infront of my face in what seemed like daylight lol.
  3. yeah it fucking kills
  4. well from what you guys are saying it sounds like an awesome movie def gonna have to go see it the game for PS2 had me hooked!
  5. Me and my GF are rolling a spliff smoking it then going to see it. I watched the hills have eyes blazed that movie kinda sucked in my opinion. I've been wanting to see this movie sinse the comercial came out
  6. yeh, i'm gonna blaze and go see that movie tonight, I loved the original game, the first one, that is.
  7. yea i walked out of hills have eyes. sucked. i really want to see this but i dont know if i should get high cuz normally movies are cheesy when im blazed.
  8. haha this one's cheesy alright. but dude deffinitly get high before you go! it freaks you out!!!

  9. yes! the first silent hill game scared the shit outta me at parts. i want to see this movie more than any other movie that come out in a longgggg time, but no $ till the 3rd! i know the movie is gonna be the shit cause of the midget monsters. you know, the ones from the 1st game that kind of lunge themselves at your crotch with a knife
  10. haha i saw it last night :)

    stoned out of my I might add..

    I was describing to movie to my friend today, and he was thinking I was on acid or something..

  11. im going to see it tripping on acid soon hopefully.
  12. i saw that movie trippin balls and it was crazy! sin city was an awesome stoner movie as well!
  13. lmao!!!! omg that made me laugh so hard..............thats awesome! I sooo gonna try sneaking tacos into the movies! and I totally can't wait to see Silent Hill!
  14. hahaha fun stuff. you gotta see the part where this badass demon rips this bitches clothes off, then her skin off!

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