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    hey all ive never grown anything in my life but i had 7 bag seeds and figured what the hell, right? lol

    so for fun i started them indoors and that went ok, then me and a buddy moved them outdoors and they are growing way way faster, most likely because i did not have enough light for then inside... anywho only 2 are still going and its about 1 and a half months they have been going, i dont know if they are still small or not so you all can be the judge of that :)

    when they were first put outside only one pic then my phone died... :mad:
    ok and now 17 days later much bigger :clap:
    and this one
    and now after 4 more days
    my skinny plant
    my fatter plant
    ok the fat one from the top
    the skinny one from the top its got a really weird shape... like a perfect + sign lol
    ok and theys are pics today 11 days later on the 1'st of august

    fat one from the top
    skinny one from the side
    and the last pic for now, my fav pic the faty from the side

    so remember they are all taken with my cellphone lol i got a buddy who is going to come take some nice pics soon so keep checking up on this one. :)

    any tips advice or criticism are all welcome

    oh and im using 20-20-20 nuts about once every 1.5 weeks

    feedback greatly appreciated
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    oh and a few pics from about 2 days ago

    just started to see little tiny white hairs so im 90% sure they are female but we will see in about a week, anywho here are a pic of each plant


    they are about 2 feet tall maybe more by now
    check back soon for new better pics

    please leave comments :)[/img]
  3. they look good hopefully they are female so you didnt waste ur time but seriously dude your fuckin crazy for putting that on ur porch with ur neighbors so of luck to ya and hopefully your neighbors dont see.
  4. very nice, make sure your neighbors dont see that!!!
  5. well they have the little white hairs sticking out and no balls which makes me think there fem but need a little more time to tell. and i think they will all be ok with it no real up tight people around, i dont think anyway lol
  6. They don't necessarily have to be "real up tight" to start running their mouths off to their friends, and then their friends friends.... you know where I am going.

    Looks good though!
  7. yeah well i think it will be ok, anywho enough about the people try will rat me out lol, what about my plants are they looking good? should i do anything to them? oh and how can i make it stop growing higher and just make it get fatter????
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    hey everyone sorry for not answering in so long i gave up on up on updates because no one was answering me or giving any feedback so i figured you all did not care lol anywho here they are now 2 shots with my phone and 3 with a good camera the fat one we ended up topping 1 day before flowering started... :cool:: but it still ended up with 3 tops... :eek::confused: not that im upset or anything... anyway here are the pics :smoking:

    and the buds

    anywho if people actually leave comments ill update again soon enjoy the pics :)
    tell me what you think
  9. lovely plants, and yea i know what you mean by nobody posts alot of the time, it seems only a select group of growers actually get thriving journals :confused:
  10. thats a nice plant and all sike

    but damn, having a few ounces of weed growing on your porch is such a bad idea

    will look for you on cops!


    why not set up an indoor grow and be a little stealthy about growing?

    its a lot cheaper than paying a lawyer cuz you got busted for possession
  11. come on people, comment on it how does it look???
  12. Lookin very nice and frosty definately put up a smoke report :) what strand is it do you know?

  13. its random ass bag seed lol they look pretty nice for bag seed tho a branch got riped off by my friend so we clipped it and its drying now it looks.. umm ok i guess heres a pic i forgot to put something to show the size but its about 1 maybe 1.5 feet long
    its nothing special but might be interesting... we are looking at it positively and saying its a tester "preview" :rolleyes: LOL


  14. lol. I hope to further my skills as a farmer so hopefully I can grow like you. You should check my thread and hookit up with some pointers :)
  15. :eek:dude tell me where you live so i can come over and take your camera away.:devious:.. good god man.. shrink the pics or sumthing...i cant even see them there so big...rotflma
  16. Your plants are awesome.

    Sucks that your friend ripped a branch off...but now you got some smoke. :smoke:
  17. I just got to say, fucking amazing grow. You also have some mad balls. I've heard its a felony where I live so best to luck. Happy smokin!:smoke:
  18. i love all the comments lol, im really surprised at how well they are turning out from some bag seed lol i really hope it tastes good
  19. so me and my buddy got bored and had no weed so we trimmed off some of the bud from the branch that broke off and put it in the oven:cool: lol it smelled like vegetables and rose.. :confused: so put it in the grinder and rolled it, lit it up, and it tasted like nothing... just like breathing regular air... so after the .8g joint we were high as shit :D lol it was awesome, so if the premature poorly dried bud got us high like that cant wait to feel the final product.

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