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  1. hey fellow blades, whats up? Just wondering if anyone needs a sig, i already did two for a few folks that started a thread on it, just lemme know, peace!

  2. and ill give him commercial backing... he did my sig and i think it rocks!
  3. thanks hurley, if u still want i can outline the guys in ur sig.

  4. yeah thatd be cool
  5. cool... I'm interested
  6. If I could get a signature with Some bands in it. That would be awesome.

    The bands:
    Led Zeppelin
    The Doors
    Jimi Hendrix
    and The Who if you can fit them.

    Thanks alot dude I appreciate it. Rep+ for helping out us photoshop illiterate.
  7. Dude, I would love a Sig!!!!!
  8. alright, this is how this will work, i will do the sigs in the order in which i recieve a pm. PM me saying u need a sig, include any photos or special quotes u want on the sig, any animation etc etc. When i recieve the PM i will get to work, thanks!

  9. yo man, If you had some time I'de like one.. Somethin to do wit paintball and my username. Ill give ya rep
  10. mwahahaha thanks PERFEKT!
  11. yo dude, if you wanted to make me a sig that would be ill..

    p.s. that unearth album is siiick
  12. he did my sig and did a great job i recommend him
  13. I love the sig I got from him. Great stuff! JOE>:hello:
  14. Good work but:

  15. bread... that also means that your own sig is against the rules....
  16. yea plz make me a sig of some bands:

    led zeppelin
    pink floyd

    and the rolling stones if they all will fit
  17. yeah bread, pull your head out of your ass!
  18. yo man ill give you rep perfekt if you have time to make me a sig wit my username and have the pic be of ollie lang (paintball player on it..let me know
  19. so many people asking, please if you want a sig, then PM me with what you want on it, to make it go faster send any pics you want it on it, or link me to them, thanks!

  20. Alrighty, my heads out of my ass..sig's all better now..Will you follow the rules?

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