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  1. where in the hell does everyone get these big ass banners and stuff for their signature. like the ones with little slivers of many things they like and shit.
  2. Photoshop my friend. Many people here are nice enough to make you a sig. I would but my photoshop has recently been crashing ever couple of minutes. Do a forum search for "photoshop sig" and youll find usefull posts.
  3. i made mine on you can see i have limited PS skills. :(
  4. Veteran Toker made mine :D

    perfekt has made some for a few as well
  5. found mine on another forum
  6. hey thanks you guys that answered me
  7. i have tried asking someone to help make mine, but noone will....soooo sad...if u can help or do it for me, please pm me.
  8. Those little bars that say "something user/lover" come from There's a tutorial that tells you how to add them to your sig. The rest people made or found on the net somewhere.
  9. jacked mine from _br3ad
  10. I had mine made by perfekt, and It is off the chain, see the city in hte backround, that is my tribute to GC, I thought it would look really cool to have the city in my sig. He does really cool work and will put in whatever he can that you want. Hooray for perfekt, he's the sigmiester :hello: :hello: :hello: JOE>

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