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Discussion in 'General' started by cheebaa, Sep 9, 2007.

  1. Hey City,

    How do you feel about the sight of blood.

    I hate it only when it is coming from me and it is a lot. A small cut or anything thats really not significant I can deal with. But when it starts flowing and is a nice dark color I get freaked out. This is probably why giving blood freaks me out and makes me uneasy- to see a tube transfering blood from your body to a vial.

    I cut my knuckle wide open this morning at work. I came close to passing out haha. Everything started to go white and I had really bad tunnel vision. I had to sit down for 5 mins and then splash some water on my face to get back to normal.

    I don't know what it is, it just freaks me out when I see a lot of blood coming from my body.

    How do you all feel?


    I work at a sheet metal shop- laser cut edges are extremely sharp.

    I opted for no stitches as the bleeding had slowed to a trickle after I had it wrapped.

    Besides- they want to stitch almost anything now-a-days.

    A butterfly knuckle bandage will work great, along with plenty of antiseptic and hydrogen peroxide.
  2. blood dont phase me, but seeing a gaping wound right before it starts bleeding kinda makes you like "oh shit"

    but even then it aint that bad, get a bandaid or sum'n

    i've poored a puddle of blood from my mouth all over my shirt, jeans, ground when i crashed on my bike in like 9th grade, super bloody
  3. My own blood is no big deal, I could watch it gush out my throat. Its other peoples blood I cant stand. I dont know why.

  4. No amount of blood, from me or anyone else, phases me. I was thinking about becoming a Paramedic, but now I'm leaning on Fire Fighter, but with paramedics, the blood part wouldn't matter at all.
  5. Blood don't bother me at all. but when i see a wound that might be pretty bad i'm like oh. shit. then, idk. but it wouldn't bother me and make me pass our or anything.
  6. It's just a red liquid.
    HIV/AIDS scares me though.
  7. i work with blood every day

    they only thing that freaks me out is when i'm pouring it into a flask and there's an unexpected clot or some renegade tissue and it splashes me, not cool
  8. I dot mind my own blood so much, others blod kinda makes me queasy, I rememebr one time I freaked out becuase my cat Stimpy had a cut on his paw and it was quite a bit fo blood.
  9. x2 I hear you!
  10. Blood usually doesn't bother me, unless it's a LOT of it.

    I live on a farm, when one of the cows gets a displaced abdomen (their stomachs wrap around each other) we have to perform surgery on the cow while it's awake and standing.

    On just a huge beast as a cow, you take a knife and just cut a giant hole in it. Blood just gushes out.

    I guess that was kind of graphic, but yea, that's what it's like. Watching that made me sorta nauseous.
  11. Blood doesnt bother me, its almost mesmerizing.

    My Fax, could you go into more detail on how this surgery works, cutting a big ass hole in a cow while its standing and awake seems like it deserves its own video thread. :D
  12. First you shave the whole side of the cow, that's usually my job. Then the vet injects several syringes of Anesthesia around the area to numb it. Then she takes the knife and makes an incision like a foot long.

    She then proceeds to stick her entire arm inside the cow, and grab ahold of a stomach. Then she pulls it out and stuffs it back in several times, to rotate the stomach.

    I can't type anymore, it's just too much. But you get the idea..
  13. I hear you there. Sometimes just thinking about it makes me shudder.

    Blood doesn't freak me out when it's coming out of me, especially if I've scraped my knee or accidentally cut my hand or something. I hate giving blood, though. It's definitely different.
  14. I have no problem with blood/gore guts, etc. I've dissected cats, cow hearts, pig uterus, among many other things bare handed.

    Never had any problem with anything like that :)
  15. What a unique hobby ;)
  16. Blood is straight with me

    i like watching when they pull it out for blood tests..doesn't bother me
  17. we're a group of sick fucks i'm starting to realize
  18. i dont like blood being drawed out of me,, im such a wimp..;;;;

    but ive hung a many of deer and hogs upside down ////,, chickens, rabbits, squirrels, fish,,,

    ive gutted and cleaned all kinds of animals....'' just recently removed the nuts from a hog''

    it dont bother me none,,,,:cool:
  19. Yea anatomy had some fun projects I had to give my cat "Mickey" a Colombian neck tie or whatever it's called where the tongue comes out the throat :p

    Yes, I had great plans to be a nurse and stuff
  20. Blood doesn't phase me at all. To be honest, I have a weird fascination with it. I like to play with my own sometimes.

    I know, I'm strange.

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