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:: sighs ::

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Golem-146, May 27, 2003.

  1. Man I havent smoked in 2 weeks because of finals this really sucks I have like 3 days left to. I hate this I'am all stressed and uptight lately which really sucks even my parents are noticing. Oh well three days isnt that long but still I got myself a nice sack of blueberry to open the coming summer months : ) .

    :: cries ::
  2. At least you have a nice sack to wait for. Just stay strong and keep studying for finals. Three days will be over in no time.
  3. Man, I wouldn't even be able to stop that long. Good job!
  4. i feel for ya.......... i have 3 days of finals left still too and i hate school, i just want it to be the summer so i can have a nice long break from skool! I would just stay strong like wang said and its only 3 days! atleast u got a big o sack waiting for ya.
  5. some people thrive of a little stress, but most people dont. if you dont, and its hindering your studies, then maybe you should toke a little just to ease the stress off a little.

    might help.

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