Sid Meier's Civilization

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by rusty bob, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. Just wondering if there were any other civilization fanatics here?

    I've only played civ 4 and civ 3 but i can happily say that they are both epic games.
  2. Civ 4 is the best, hours and hours and hours of fun.
  3. I wanna play CIV 5 SOOOOOO BAD
  4. I fealt that civ 4 was rushed. Civ 5 WAS ENTIRELY TO DUMBED DOWN! I fealt like a fucking retard playing it. I hated having huge flashing FUCKING buttons taking up the screen. I think it screwed over the young people that were raised off of the original civs that were excited about civ 5, until they saw it looked like a children's coloring book.

    But to this end Civ 3 remains my favorite one. But another thing I would of thought by civ 4 they would of made the time scaling a bit more realistic, but I was wrong.
  5. Civ 4 allows you to mod the game to set the time scale to whatever you like. Someone has probably already done it over at civ fanatic's.

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