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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by EFG, Jun 10, 2009.

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    dont say i didnt warn you:(

    A dark and twisted tale of a girls fetish for maggots and decay. Retrieved from /b/ 5/31/07.

    Sunday was warm and sunny, just how I always fantasized it would be when I finally went through with it. I stared walking to the sumpster again, I think about 2pm, and I was really excited and nervous. I felt butterflies in my tummy, just anticipagting what I was about to do.

    The dumpster is in the alley behind a restaurant near my house. It gets emptied on Tuesdays, so by Sunday it's pretty stinky and there are flies buzzing around. Which means there are things rotting inside there and that's just perfect for me. A few times in the past I climbed into that dumpster and masturbated. Nothing too intense. Most I'd ever done was take off my pants and hump against the dirty garbage bags. And one time I laid there with my legs spread, watching the flies land on me.

    So anyway, I walked down the alley to the dumpster, and as usual I made sure nobody was around, just to be extra careful. You have to go behind a tall wooden fence to even see the dumpster, and the restaurant is closed on Sunday anyway, so I knew I wouldn't be noticed. But this time there's no way I want to be disturbed. I climbed up and over the side and onto my hands and knees into the mass of plastic garbage bags and other miscellaneous rubbish. The bags felt warm from the sun. The smell in there was extremely foul, much worse than usual, and I knew it was because of my rotting meat. I sat and tried to get myself to relax for a few minutes. There was no reason to hurry. When I was ready, I calmly took off my sandals, my jeans, and my panties. Both pairs. I was wearing two pairs of tight panties with a bunch of my panty liners in the crotch, which keeps anything in my vagina from coming out when I move around. But I was going "all the way" this time, so I went ahead and got completely naked. That was a weird feeling, being totally nude inside the dumpster. It seemed very erotic to me. The sun felt warm on my skin, especially my boobs, which pretty much never see the sun.

    I took a pair of rubber kitchen gloves out of my pants pocket and put them on. There was no way I could bring myself to actually touch a maggot with my bare hands. Lying with my back against the side of the dumpster, I fingeed my pssy. I was really wet already. I knew I would be. The sensation of the rubber glove against my clit felt unusual, and I kind of liked it. I did that for a little while, just thinking about what I was about to do, while staring at the smaller garbage bag in the far corner of the dumpster where I'd left it yesterday. I still felt the butterflies in my tummy. I kept thinking to myself that I can't wimp out, that I had to go through with this. I wished for a moment that someone else was there to force me to do it, but decided that it was somehow much more sick and depraved to do it to myself willingly. And I thought, yeah, that's me. That's what I want. I deserve this. And so I knew it was time to do it

    I got back on my hands and knees and crawled to the other side of the dumpster. I sat down next to my garbage bag, gently picked it up and placed it in front of me. The terrible smell was already stronger. Carefully, I tore the bag open. And there they were. There had to be thousands of maggots, kind of beige-yellow with little black spots on them, all writhing in a large mass. I couldn't even see the rotting meat underneath them. Dozens more maggots clung to the inside of the black plastic, which was coated with a thick light-brown slime. It was such a repulsive sight I thought I was going to throw up right there. But I didn't. I took a few minutes to get control of myself, fingering my clit while staring at the maggots, trying to work up the courage to continue.

    I scooped up some of the slime on my gloved finger and brought it to my nose. I knew what it was from the reading I'd done before. It was digestive juices from the maggots, full of bacteria. And it smelled just horrible. I thought to myself, that's what I'm going to smell like. That's the stench that's going to come from my vagina. I want that, I thought, spreading my legs wide apart. I dragged my slimy finger between my pussy lips. My clit felt like a hard little pebble beneath the slime. I didn't want to cum right then, though, and I was still right on the edge of gagging, too. But I knew there was no turning back now, so I let my fingers lightly touch the top of the maggot mass. The maggots felt like nothing I'd experienced before. They seemed to have such energy, totally different from picking up an earthworm or something. And they felt so alive. I was fascinated and nauseated at the same time. Sinking my fingers into the mass, I felt the solid meat beneath. Gently breaking it apart, I could see that the meat had turned gray except for the very center which was still pink, and that the maggots had penetrated into it but not too deeply yet. There was still plently of food for my filthy little babies. I broke off a small chunk of meat that was covered on one side with maggots and held it for a moment while I fought back another urge to vomit. It was finally time, I thought. I leaned forward, and holding my pussy lips apart with one hand, I gritted my teeth and pushed the maggot-covered chunk of meat into my vagina. And then, totally without expecting it, I had an orgasm. A quick, sharp one that only made me want more.

    And more was coming. I broke off another small chunk of meat, along with another part of the maggot mass and pushed it inside me. This one had more maggots on it, and I stopped for a moment to see if I could feel them inside me. I wasn't sure I could, but it didn't matter. I wanted them all. I needed to take them all inside me. With that thought, I went sort of wild. I started pushing bigger chunks of meat and maggots, and even handfuls of just maggots into me, over and over. I was practically hyperventilating, too. I wasn't thinking at all about the noise I must have been making. But now I could definitely feel the maggots squirming inside my vagina. Just the idea of it made me cum again.

    Finally, once I had crammed all of the rotten meat, and all of the maggots I could inside me, I felt so filthy, so disgusting, like I'd turned myself into some low, depraved sort of beast. And that made me so incredibly hot, together with the constant movement of the maggots inside me. But it was time to go. Holding my hand over my crotch, I slowly crawled back to my clothes and managed to get dressed again without anything coming out. I put the gloves back into my pocket and climbed out of the dumpster. And right then I could hold back the revulsion of what I'd just done no longer. Holding myself up against the side of the dumpster, I threw up. Ever vomited while you were horny? It's weird.

    Walking home down the alley, I felt like I was in a daze. I kept asking myself how I could have done this to myself, but then asking why I'd waited so long. I had to walk slowly to make sure nothing got squeezed out of my vagina, but also to keep from cumming again. I found myself amazed at the whole thing, that I'd stuffed the most intimate part of myself with these things that were too disgusting to even touch without gloves. And that I was totally getting off on it.
    Once I was home, I locked myself in my bedroom, took off my clothes, except for my double-panties, and got into bed. I closed my eyes and just let myself feel the maggots squirming inside me. For a while I tried to watch TV, but I could really pay attention to it. The maggots were too wonderfully distracting. I skipped dinner. Later on, when I really had to pee, I did it by taking down my panties and holding my hand over my crotch, wearing the rubber gloves, of course.
    The next morning I called off of work after being awake most of the night. I mainly stayed naked in my bed all day masturbating, barely getting up for anything. I wanted to do nothing but let my nauseating little babies grow inside my pussy. Pretty early, though, I realized the smell was getting really horrible. I opened the window. I also wet a bath towel and stuffed it under my bedroom door. I didn't want my parents to get suspicious.

    A little later on I realized that I didn't need the panties to hold the maggots and the meat inside me. The mass pretty much stayed in place as long as I laid kind of still. I thought hey, I guess that means I'm infested, which made me cum again. I was always right on the edge of orgasm, and it didn't take much to go over the edge. I also noticed that the maggots seemed to be more active if I kept my legs apart and realized that they probably needed to breathe. So that's how I stayed a lot of the time. I did get up and read my email and posted an update on my web page but I couldn't seem to think clearly enough to write much. Then I had to pee again, but I just didn't want to get up. So I just peed in the bed. It made me cum. I just wanted to keep feeling the maggots moving. And they were. They seemed even stronger, in anything. I was totally in heaven with it. I didn't eat at all, either.

    I heard my parents come home from work. During the evening my mom said hello through the door and wondered why I was staying in my room like a hermit. I said I was reading a novel all the way through at once, which I actually do sometimes. She left me alone. I hoped she didn't smell anything. I surfed the Web for a while that night and looked at porn. I came a few more times. I decided to go ahead and take a shit in my bed, right where I was. That just made me more turned on and I ended up smearing some of my shit over my thighs and my pussy and cumming again. I noticed that the maggots started coming out a bit. Maybe they liked the shit. A couple tmes one would creep up on my belly. I'd just flick it back down between my legs.

    I was getting tired at that point. It really was time to sleep and my vagina was throbbing and kind of sore from all of the attention. But I was most worried about making sure my maggots could breathe while I was sleeping. Somehow, I managed to find the energy to place a chair on either side of my bed and use sheets to tie my ankles to them. That would keep my legs apart during the night. I pulled the blankets over myself and dozed off lying in my piss and shit.

    For the most part I slept through the night, but I kept waking up sweating, with my vagina throbbing worse. I knew I was getting a bad infection from this, but I didn't care. I was not thinking right. I could also feel maggots crawling all over me. I guess I decided I liked that and I'd play with my clit until I came again. I don't know if I realized at the time that I wasn't wearing the rubber gloves anymore. I'd fall back to sleep and wake up again later with little phrases running through my head. Other girls have babies but I give birth to decay and filth, I'd keep thinking to myself. Or I'd say I'm probably ruining my womb and I don't care, I want to be ruined. I know I must have been hallucinating from the infection. I was hoping the maggots had given up on the rotten meat and were eating my vagina instead. My fingers were buried inside my vagina, with my fingertips against part of the meat. Whenever I pressed on it, the maggots would squirm faster and I'd climax again. I could do it over and over and keep cumming.

    Finally it was Tuesday morning and sunlight made me wake up. I knew I was really, really sick at that point. I felt weak and dizzy, I knew I had a fever, and now my whole lower belly was sore and throbbing. Despite all that I was still horny and I was still right on the edge of cumming. And then for some reason, all I wanted to do was see my maggots.

    I pulled the blankets aside and saw that I really did have maggots crawling all over my body. I was so whacked out I loved it. But I also saw that I had a rash spreading over my tummy and my thighs, and I was soaked with sweat. And then suddenly I needed to see what it looked like between my legs. I sat up a little, picked up the hand mirror I have on the table next to my bed, and held it between my thighs.

    My pussy was totally gaped wide open. I'd never seen it like that before. It reminded me of a mouth in a sick, gagging expression. My inner lips were swollen and dark purple, almost black, while my outer lips were cherry red and I was losing a layer of dead skin, like a sunburn. A stream of the light brown slime was oozing from inside my vagina and down my butt crack onto the shitty mattress. Although I could still feel a large mass of maggots and rotten meat inside me, there were maggots everywhere between my legs. Hundreds of them.

    And then I saw my fingers on my pussy. They plunged deep into my vagina and dragged out a wad of slime and maggots, which I pressed hard against my clit. I remember having a huge orgasm right then, and I must have passed out. I think I was sobbing too, but I'm not sure.
    That's all I remember until I woke up in the hospital. I'll write about that later.

    I HAD to post this i had to tell someone... it just disturbed me so much i actually felt my skin crawl as i was reading this.....


  2. this gif puzzles me... are you in favor of my post or against it??:confused:
  3. I was just shocked as to what i read, i guess id say im neutral not sure im just high
  4. wow... that bitch needs to be slapped... or put in an insane asylum or something. I feel bad for the next guy that fucks her
  5. perfectly understandable being this is a pot forum, its just it was hard to gauge your feelings about my post with that gif, as..... fuck this im too lazy to type shit out

  6. As much as I hate to say it,

    is there moar?
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    here are some dox on maggot girl:

    blowfly_girl's profile on Yahoo! <------------ i think this is fake for some reason

    Multiply <---------------------this one asks to sign in:confused:

    thats all i know about maggot girl:)

    i got more dox but it would break rules 1 &2, or could LEAD to the breakage of rules 1&2
  8. as gross as it is i was hoping there would be a picture of this girls vag to make reading that whole post worth while lol. its probably better that there isn't one tho
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    no OFFICIAL pics but heres a pic to get your imagination going...

    EDIT: ahh flashblocker removed all the pics from the site i copypastad this from, and when i removed the flashblocker i hadnt knowticed i already posted that pic in here
  10. i guess you could just pretend the black stuff is her bush or something lol



    "I have some pretty serious problems, I already know it. I get emails from people rather unkindly reminding me of that, but trust me, I already know.

    My parents sent me to psychiatrists, who mostly just put me on drugs. I don't take them anymore. For a long time I wanted to kill myself. I used to be a cutter. I also used to be very promiscuous, but not anymore. I haven't had sex with anyone in about seven years.

    Looking back, it's hard to believe how promiscuous I really was. Everyone at my high school knew I would 'do it'. I spent one summer lying on an old mattress in a friend's basement, letting guys come down one by one to fuck me and sometimes slap me around. I even tried hitchhiking for sex on I55, hoping I'd get kidnapped - or worse..

    So anyway, I'm 23 now, I've learned to live with myself, and I've found other outlets for whatever is wrong with my head. I get off on hurting myself. I get off on things that normally disgust people. Sometimes I do really nasty things and I have to go to the hospital. Things like shit, vomit, decay, insects and rodents make me horny. That's just me.

    I have this page because I like talking about what I do, and I like exchanging emails with people with similar problems (or interests!). I show up on IRC sometimes. Lately I've been using Yahoo Messenger more.

    For the longest time I fantasized about maggots. Maggots that made me cum. When I put it on this web page I never considered actually trying it, but after a while I kind of got obsessed with the idea. After I finally worked up the courage, I went through with it.
    I posted sort of a diary on this page, and after it was over I wrote out the entire expreience."
  12. i like the last bit of this page 100804

    sounds like it runs in the family lol
  13. heres her diary entries in the days leading upto and after the incident

    Very long read, but quite disgustingly fascinating;)

    The Maggot Thing

    The blowfly (calliphora vomitoria) is attracted to the odor of decaying meat, garbage, or other non-living organic matter. Blowflies can lay hundreds of eggs, which hatch into larvae in only six hours and begin to feed. Thousands of maggots will typically feed together in a 'maggot mass', exuding a thick, slimy, yellow fluid of digestive enzymes and bacteria. Within four to six days, the maggots molt several times and can grow up to 12-15mm, especially in a warm, humid environment....

    I've thought about what it must be like, fantasizing about it over and over again for such a long time. And now I'm so ready. I can't wait much longer. I must go through with it. I must offer myself to them. And I know just how I'm going to do it.

    I know where to go to find them. There is a restaurant near where I live that is closed on Sundays. The dumpster behind the restaurant is surrounded by a fence to hide it from customers, but the fence also makes it really secluded. That dumpster always seems to be swarming with flies and it always stinks. On a warm Sunday, soon I hope, I will overcome my disgust and climb into that dumpster. It will be our first date, sort of. I know there will already be sickening things rotting in there, attracting the flies, but I won't leave anything to chance. A nauseating mixture of raw ground beef and my own shit that I'll bring along in a plastic bag should be irresistable to them, and once I have removed my pants and made myself comfortable inside the dumpster, I'll spread my shitty meat mixture out in a layer on top of something flat so lots of flies can land and lay their eggs all at once. And I'll sit and watch them do taht for a long while. Maybe I'll use a fingerful of the gross mixture on my pussy lips while I masturbate, hoping the flies will notice me and visit there, too. I usually hate when flies land on me, but this is different. A little heavy petting on the first date, why not?

    When the time is right, I'll spread my legs wide and give myself completely to them. I will gather the shitty meat and begin to push it all inside me, inside my vagina. What a great cum that will be, I know it. I will fill myself with as much as I can possibly hold, maybe all of it. I want them to have lots of food when they hatch inside me, my tiny repulsive spawn. And then, having gone all the way on our first date, and taken the seed of the blowflies into my body, I will go back home to wait.

    I may contract an infection. I probably will. But I've had bad infections before. I will not let that stop me. Nothing will stop me. I must wait for the thousands of disgusting maggots to grow and writhe within me. I want to feel them squirming inside my vagina, driving me mad. Defiling me. Polluting me. Driving me to orgasm, over and over. Corrupting me. Infesting me...


    This afternoon, after chatting for a while online with a friend, I bought a pound of ground beef from Jewel, unwrapped it, and put in a plastic garbage bag. I left the bag inside my 'favorite' dumpster behind the restaurant and made sure that it wasn't closed up. I don't want the meat to dry up, but I don't want to keep the flies from getting to it either. I tried this last weekend and it worked, so I'm trying to do it exactly the same way. There were some flies buzzing around the dumpster, so that's encouraging.

    I was originally going to put the meat inside me as soon as I thought the flies had laid their eggs, but I've been kind of worried about getting an infection, I mean getting really sick, even before anything happens. So now I'm going to wait until I can see my repulsive little lovers before I go any farther.

    Yeah, as if I have the guts to actually go through with this...


    Checked the dumpster before I went to work today. I had to pull my garbage bag out from under one that came from the restaurant. I don't think it'll be a problem. The meat is getting pretty stinky already and the flies are still around. The restaurant people seem to prefer leaving the dumpster's lids open. I'm not sure, but that's probably good.

    Last night I masturbated before I went to sleep, thinking about maggots. I really wonder if I'll be able to bring myself to touch them. Just seeing one near me has always made me want to gag. Even on tv.

    I'll check the dumpster again tomorrow.


    It's 3:15 Sunday afternoon, and I'm leaving to go to the dumpster right now. I'm ready. I'm going to do it. I'm really going to go through with it. But I'm nervous, and I'm kind of scared, too. Anyway it's warm and really sunny today, just the way I think about it when I'm fantasizing.

    So I'm all prepared now... I've got a pair of rubber gloves from under the sink rolled up in the pocket of my jeans. I'm going to see if I can get away with not touching the maggots at all. I also have on two pairs of panties, tight ones, with a bunch of panty liners (long ones) inside them. I'm hoping that'll keep everything in while I'm coming back home.

    I did check the dumpster again yesterday and I looked inside the bag. The meat really stunk bad, and there were maggots. I mean a lot of them. But they were still really little. I hope they're bigger today.

    I will not wimp out again. Today is the day.


    This is the most horrible, totally disgusting thing I have ever done to myself. I can't believe this is happening. I can't even think straight right now. My vagina, right now, is filled with rotting meat and hundreds of squirming, repulsive, disgusting maggots. I'm now completely fucking insane, I know it.

    I've called off of work, and I'm lying naked in my bed right now. This is where I'm staying until it's all over. I've already peed in the bed twice, and I've barely slept. Just a few minutes at a time, I think. I've also puked on myself once and I can't even count how many times I've cum so far. Oh yeah, it feels like I'm stuck in this kind of continuous orgasm and I haven't even been touching myself. It's just the maggots moving inside my cunt. I can't describe the feeling. I can't believe this is happening.

    My babies are in me now. My babies, my sick, repulsive little spawn. Inside me now. Just what I wanted so long. Just what I deserve.

    Every now and then one of them starts slitherig up onto my tummy and I have to flick it back down between my legs.

    I'll write some more later when I'm making better sense...


    I'm glad I'm writing all of this down. It'll help me remember. I keep wondering whether all of this will encourage or discourage anybody else from trying it. All I can say about that is to be careful unless you really are trying to kill yourself, which I wasn't.

    Anyway, this is probably the last I'll write about it. I just wanted to finish up what happened after I passed out and eventually woke up in the hospital.

    My immediate impressions were that my mother was there with me, I had an IV in my arm, and I had a huge headache. My mother was obviously relieved that I woke up. She said that I'd been unconscious for three days. Maybe I was in a coma, she wasn't sure. But anyway now it was Friday morning. It took me a little while for my head to clear out and begin to remember why I was there. But when I finally did remember, I realized that my mother must know what I had done to myself. Oh, no.

    I asked her how I got there. She said that she'd found me in my bed and called 911, and then she frowned and turned away from me, bringing her hand up to her mouth. She was really upset. I can just imagine what I must have looked like. I felt really bad for having put her through that, but I didn't know what to say to her except that I was sorry. She asked if anyone had done this to me. I shook my head no. And then she did something I didn't expect. She suddenly seemed relieved and didn't look so upset anymore. And then she kind of zoned out and stared out the windows for a little while. As she was zoning, I began to notice all of the stuff i was hooked up to. I have no idea what it all was, but there seened ti be little electrodes and tubes everywhere on me.

    I was feeling way better later on that day, and my mother and I were communicating again. I'd found out that I was in the ICU because the infection was so bad my kidneys had begun to shut down. I had gotten toxic shock syndrome, which I'd heard of but only in relation to tampons. Apparently that can kill you. I didn't know.

    I got to go home from the hospital a couple days after I woke up. I lost my job. My mother and I agreed that if I'm going to continue living at home, I would have to start seeing the psychiatrist again, at least for a while. My father doesn't know everything that happened. He just knows I got sick. Right now it's October 8th, and I think I'm completely recovered. I even have a new bed.

    I had a lot of time to talk with my mother while I was in the hospital be adn since I've been home. I don't want to go into too much detail about what we've talked about, but I will say I don't have any more secrets between us. She knows everything now. The weird thing is that she seems to understand it all way too well. I'm beginning to wonder about that. Like maybe she's got some secrets too, you know?

    sick shit

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