sick speedbike, droool

Discussion in 'General' started by Hazed, Mar 20, 2006.

  1. with custom rockstar paint
  2. hell yeah
  3. haha.... it's the bike out of the GTAs!

    that thing is sick... it's yet another goal of mine i hope to reach by mid-summer, owning a bike
  4. aprilia...king of the curves, what i wouldnt give for a day with an rsv1000 factory and ticket immunity on the tail of the dragon

    i miss my bike :(
  5. Nice, but I would still beat ya with my hayabusa! =]

    The paintjob doesnt look that custom, its R* and some small other things.
  6. Nice bike, check out my Bandit -

  7. Wish i had me a little 650 ninja to go fuck around would be nice going 140 down the highway:p
  8. Every Aprilia that I have rode has been a bitch to drive.

    Don't get me wrong, they are fast and have great handling but act like a thourobred, unless you are running them hard they are just a bit tempermental to ride.

    Nice bike though nonetheless, I'd drive it.

  9. You would probably get about 150mph out of a Ninja, not that you would want to go that fast very often! (I have done 130mph on my Bandit, all I can say is SHIT!)

  10. I dont think you can guage customicity, its either custom or not.

    That is a sick bike

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