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Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by rainbowskunk, May 16, 2010.

  1. idk what to do.. any ideas.. ive been seeing gnats so i put potato slices on the surface of the soil to draw any larvae out if theyre indeed in there.
  2. ...Is that planted in a soup kettle?

    The pics are rather blurry, but it looks like you might have burns from water being splashed/dropped on the leaves (acts like a magnifying lens for light).

    Keep in mind fungus gnats are drawn to overly-moist soil. The potato slices should draw up some larvae if they're there-you can also get yellow sticky-traps to hang around your plants to catch the buggers. I think if you do a search here there are methods of identifying and dealing with pests you'll find useful.

    Peace :wave:
  3. lmao yea it is.. when it came time for a bigger pot i didn have the cash to buy one and thats all i had..its not easy drillin holes in tempered stainless!! its worked pretty well so far
  4. I got the same kinda thing going on with my plants. The feild next door got mowed and I have gnats in the grow box now. Leaves are looking kinda like yours. I went and bought some Diatemaceous Earth and sprinkled over my soil. Google diatemaceous earth and you will find tons of info.

  5. Now that's hardcore :laughing: You could probably hit up your local nursery for a used 5 gallon planter. Mine passes them out for free. You just have to clean it before transplanting..

    Back to the issue at hand!

    What's the pH?

    Are you feeding her yet?

    How often do you water?

    To me, it looks like a goulash of three things:
    pH is off
    too much moisture

    You'll get it straightened out.... damn, I really want a bowl of soup now! :D
  6. i dont have a oh tester nor do i knw where to get one locally??

    but i feed her miracle grow 30-10-10 about every two weeks..

    i water whenever the top two inches are dry..

    soup is good!!!
  7. anyone else got anything??

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