Sick seedling?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by kiddmanty, Dec 30, 2012.

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    Hi, I am new to growing and still learning everyday but I have a small problem or maybe not.
    I just planted the seed 2 days ago ago and this is what I have so far.
    [​IMG] (sorry for terrible quality taken from a phone)

    I has a small brown spot on it and a abnormality on one leaf. The soil it is grown in is Premier potting soil and it is grown under 4 - 4100k lights until my 6500k lights show up sometime in 2 days from now. The strain is from Spliff Seeds :Blue Berry and it is in a box 1.5" wide and 2" high, also I have one computer fan pulling colder air into the box.
    I looked through a range of diagnosis pictures and figured it might be light burn or heat burn?

    Any help or tips would super helpful. Thanks.
  2. I had two that looked like that and they bounced back.
  3. Awesome, thanks!
  4. hey man, could you tell us what you do to them, like what you feed them so maybe we can figure out the problem, i have the same problem i think and i wonder if the soil is too potent. And you who said your seedlings bounced back, can you tell us what steps you took for that to happen? Thanks.. Peace.
  5. I have not started any nutes yet. just been letting the soil take care of that for now.
  6. The leaf could have been damaged slightly when shedding the seed cover.

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  7. yaredaya-

    I actually didn't do anything they just started perking up and turning green again. I had problems later, and turns out I was over watering and not monitoring PH properly. I am doing a hydro grow and learning about soil myself because I am setting up another room just for that. So i cant say for certain if its a soil issue.
    From what I have read and learned is that noobs like us feel compelled to water hoping that they will magically grow faster. If anything looks wrong we assume that there is a lack of water, nutes, or lights are too close or far away from plants.

    Unless someone disagrees with me I would say that too much watering is the number A1 noob mistake.

    This is another thread that I started to inquire about soil. I got some good feedback and some others may be able to help you better then I.
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    Ya I would have to agree with you, that would have to be the case have been micro watering which I really should not be doing it (will stop). As of an update with my plant it has been doing well growing fine but the issues are still there just not affecting its growth that I see.
  9. one more question, if someone could answer? If I went out and bought 8oz of fox farm big bloom, grow big and tiger bloom would that be enough for the entire cycle or one plant?
  10. I'd say that would cover the life cycle of the plant. It is cheaper in the long run if you buy larger amounts though.

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  11. True, but as of right now my bank account can only handle the 8 oz for now.
    And thanks for all the help you've given me.
  12. No prob man.

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