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  1. I have 5 plants going into the 7th week of flowering I'm using fox farms ocean forest soil and flushing every third day with 1tbl of molasses and ph water around 6.5. I recently checked my
    Runoff and noticed it's around 5.0 will flushing with ph water at 6.5 raise the ph of the soil or should I look into adding dolomite lime. Some of the leaves are getting brown and with little spots of yellow on the leaves and starting to turn a yellow tint on the mother leaves. Help appreciated
  2. I would just do the water thing, try 7.0.

    Its a normal flower P deficiency.

  3. Ok I'll just stick with flushing and hope for the best the buds on the plant are looking great some of the leaves not so much. thanks for the input
  4. What do you mean by flushing? Are you just watering with plain water every third day or are you actually pouring water through the soil @ 3 gallons of water for every gallon of soil every third day? If you actually mean you're flushing...completely saturating the soil and flushing out all the nutes every 3 days, that is your problem. Late in flower roots don't like that much saturation... really they don't like it ever.
  5. Why did u even ask for Fing advice ???

  6. My mistake I wrote that high haha.. I meant I'm flushing each plant with a gallon of water every day I have 11 gallon pots with about 9 gallons of soil and every third day of flushing I use one 1tbl per gallon of molasses water per plant. The water drains out a good amount am I using to much water to flush?
  7. hahaha good luck.


  8. Thats to much water man.
  9. How much should I be using
  10. Something else I have been wondering do you know anything about partial harvests?

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