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Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by axact, Sep 11, 2003.

  1. Hi, I have a problem with my plants in the growing room.They are dying. It starts with the edge of some of the leaves which turn brown then it starts to wilt bit by bit.The dead leaf turns totally brown and the plant turns a lighter green.
    It has only just started & not all the plants have the problem yet.
    I have grown for a number of years & not come across this before.
    I am not doing anything different than usual. the only thing I can think of is that I have come across some small catapillers that have been eating a few leaves but only a few plants had holes in leaves.
  2. hey m8!

    hmm, give me some specifics...

    ferts, watering, lighting, indoor/outdoor..anything else you might have done..
    also check the guide at the top of the page
  3. Hi,

    Indoor growing. Have not done anything different than I have before.(5 years)
    Using miricale Grow only and treating with bio organic pest spray,again as per usual
    Growing under sodium, water 6.5.
    I will see if I can get a camera to show discoloration on leaves.
    Umm, may have over done the miricale grow ? would that have done it?
  4. Room temperatue 75 F
    In the growing room, not flowering room
  5. heat seams fine..
    my guess is its the fert!

    Miracle grow is known to have too much salts in it for marijuana plants..and can lead to burning and clogging, as your probably seeing now!

    I suggest you flush your plant and get some other type of fert.
  6. how many plants are in the room, and are they all showing signs of the same problem?......what's the soil ph?.....and double check your ph tester, as i had a similar problem, and it caused a lot of problems.........has anything came into contact with them?.....have you put anything new in the room?.........Peace out.........Sid

    if everything seems o.k. then i'd do as stylez say's and flush the soil.........
  7. it maybe a salt build up..........Peace out........Sid
  8. miricale grow is well known to b 2 salty 4 mj. i havent used it but ppl that have, have told me.

    the plant is being poisoned from all the salt its taking up. the only way the plant has to get rid of it is to push the poisons to the end of the leaf and then let it die and drop off, its the plants way of being sick.

    flush the soil, foliar feed only 4 a week if it needs it and when u start to refert dont give it so much.
  9. i got 5 plants in a nft hydro system. im 5 weeks through flowering and noticed that 2 of my plats at the lower of the plats are dieing (bud site) wilting. my one plat is fine and is a monster what u think is wrong people!!?

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