Sick plants, please take a peek.

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  1. Here are a few pics. I started flower on the plants in question on 8-31. I have only added nutrients 2x in 5 weeks(General Hydroponics Flora Bloom). I figured I had a water problem and a ph problem. I picked up a reverse osmosis system to address my water problem(ph of water is 7.8, and a new ph meter(exctech ph100). I flushed these plants with 5 gallons of pure R/O water and they are in 3 gallon pots. The yellowing is getting worse. I can never get the same ph reading ever, all the plants are different but it is between 6.5 and 7.0 on all the plants as far as I can tell. I check the first trickles of water, and the last few trickles after I water with 1 gallon or more of water.

    Here are some pics maybe someone can lead me in the right direction. I rinsed 5 gallons of pure R/O water yesterday, and today the plants seemed worse. I am getting concerned, its seems to me I am still having ph problems. What is the best possible way to get my soil ph perfect?

    I am seeing all the color from my green plans, turn a sickly yellow, and the brown spots, and burning crispy looking dead leaves.

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  2. Just popped in to see what ya got here bro. Kinda looks like mine did with a heat prob , but this time of year and the set up you got that is not going to be the prob. We tried and camne up with squat. Hope one of the many who are smarter and more experienced can put em right for ya.:wave:
  3. thx bro, did you see the loss of color? It's crazy really. It has to be a ph issue serioiusly. I think I should flush until I see 7.0 on the last drip. Or even higher. Somehow my bloom nutes mixed with the monster bloom must of caused the damage. It couldnt be anything else. But I have dolomite lime, and with my regular ol R/O water being ph'd above 7.0 I should be able to get it up in a few gallons per pot, then I have to let the soil dry out, or I could be them food right away. Usually when you have low ph problems you get the dots, and when the ph is too high the leaves curl a little bit. I'm stumped and kinda worried.:confused:

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