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    I'm fairly new to growing and I have came across some sickly looking plants. I have 2, 4X4 flood and drain tables with 8 plants on each of them. A raptor above each one with a 400W MH. The plants have been on the tables for 2 weeks now, and these are the only ones looking bad out of all 16. The one looks very droopy, unhealthy and its curling. The other just looks super shriveled and stunted, all the leaves are about a quarter of the sizes of the other plants that are the same strains. If anyone can help out please!!

    Here are some pictures to help see.

    These pics are compared to the same strain, that have been grown the same exact way.

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  2. Hi there, looks like your ph may be off and/or nute mix a little strong. Can you provide some of those grow details? Also your flood schedule? The more info you provide the better the help... good luck!

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