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  1. Hey everyone, I'm kinda new to this growing this. I've kinda helped here and there with a few of my friends plants but this is my frist attempt at my own grow.I'm growing 2 Tahoe OGs, and 1 Chernobyl. I got them about 3 weeks ago and the two tahoe were stressed, but they flipped around. The chernobyl was booming.I gave a small amount of nutrients to start em off, and noticed slight burning to start on the leaves. They were all given a booster before being sent to me, so i figured i over did it. I was right as the ppm was at 700-900 per plant barely in veg. So i started flushing them and now their at (Tahoe 1) 298 (Tahoe 2) is 287, and the Chernobyl is at 434.The Chernobyl is now yellowing on the bottom leaves, and now are getting dark down spots/stain on the yellowing leaves.Tahoe #2 is is getting yellow spots on its leaves on the older growth, and only on 1 newer leaf. This yellowing on the tahoe is different though, its just in spots, almost like it needs calmag, but thats not helping.Tahoe #1 is yellowing, from the inside out, throughout the whole plant. Not sure what to make of itThe pictures hopefully uploaded. Tahoe #1, next is tahoe #2 and the last the chernobyl. Any help is highly appreciated! Sent from my LG-P769 using Grasscity Forum mobile app

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    I forgot to say my babies are in coco/perlite, we're in small baby pots, just moved them to the 10 gals about 4 days ago
  3. It's always a mistake for folks to place small plants into such large pots... how are you going to check run-off if you have a problem? If I were you I'd gently scoop those girls out of those pots and back into 2 gallon pots so you can monitor run-off by measuring ph. As soon as you get them back into smaller pots (if you actually do), run ph 5.8 water through until it corrects to the 5.8, then allow them to grow and get healthy before you pluck them back into the large pots.
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    I pick those puppies up and drain them by hand. I mix nutrient then correct the ph to a 6-6.5. Same as I used last go around with friends, and the tray size is like 18+ inches across. If need be I could use a pump to drain the water. The issue is the plants themselves not the size pots.
  5. Okay, so you say... then flush, flush, flush, and more flush... that'll be at least 30 gallons per pot, you better get at it, your work is cut out for you, no doubt.  :bolt:
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    Like I said, not the first time I've done it. As for the ph chart, ill have to dig more into that information and see how accurate it is. Cause we've always used 6-6.5 with no problems last round, but appreciate that information for sure.
  7. Well Bud, you didn't use those ph values in Coco, or you killed those like you're about to kill these. Who you kidding? Coco is considered a hand fed hydroponic grow. You may not be charged with multiple homicide and you might just get it right eventually, but your girls are going to be sick till then.
    Well bud, I got a pretty good memory and it been only 6 months ago, pretty sure I can remember what ph we used. Probably even have it written down in the old notes, and grow log that's buried somewhere. Just cause I said it's my first solo attempt doesn't mean I'm clueless. Why not jump down from that horse, looks a little big for yah anyways. The arrogance of some people is amazing.
  9. I'm sorry you're offended. I concede, you were right and I am wrong... you keep phing that Coco @ 6.5.

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