Sick plants after flip!

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  1. So I had my room in Veg, everything going well, a little Mag def early on but that was corrected quite easily. So I flushed my ladies and flipped them and fed them right after the flush. Since they have been flipped which has been for about 18 days now, I have what appears to be a Mag def or Heat Stress, but I am not sure.

    Now a little more info, I have two strains going in this room, one strain is clearly thriving while the other is showing this deficiency. The strain that is deficient looks like the growth is stunted because she isn't stretching very much after the flip while the other is clearly in stretch mode.

    Here is a little info that I am sure will be asked.

    Medium: 50/50 Canna Coco / Perlite
    Lighting: Veg - 400w MH /// Bloom 1000w HPS
    pH: 5.8 comes out at 5.8-6.0
    PPM: 700-1000
    Nutrient Mix:
    - Heavy 16 Base
    - Heavy 16 Prime
    - Cal Mag
    - Root Excel
    - Great White
    - Cannazym

    I also have hit them with Heavy 16 Foliar every 3 days or so.

    Any help would be much appreciated... :hello:

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  2. The condition resembles Potassium deficiency. It is definately not Mg-def. Whole plant pics may provide more insight into the problems.

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