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  1. Hello, I have a plant that is budding, and has been out of the flowering phase for 20 days now. Only one of my plants (which is a different strain, and is further along then the others) shows serious issues. The others, only the tips are wilting.
    Here are some pictures of the flowers and leaves. I also included a picture of my nutes, if you can suggest any other nutes to add in addition i would love to hear what you all suggest. The plant with the yellow leaves has been like this for a few days. Last night I removed the old water, and nutes. I have not since added the nutes to the fresh water. I was assuming they were chemical burn(from too strong of nutes)... I am a beginner, but I sure as heck am trying!

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  2. whats the ph
  3. I hate to say it but my paper strips show 6.5... Last night I ordered a PH tester from EBAY... I am tired of messing around with the paper strips. I added exactly the amount of requested nutes for the final stage...

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