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  1. This plant is around 2-3 weeks old, it started under cfl's and has a bit of damage on older leafs due to under watering about a week ago. 2 days ago I switched from cfl's to a 90w LED I picked up off amazon and increased the nutes to full strength because the lowest set of leafs kept turning yellow after the underwatering incident. Now the plants in a bubbleponics system that im swapping out soon (because of root rot killing my plants before) but it's roots havent reached the water yet. It's new leaves are curling under and feel dry to the touch. I have low humidity so it gets a couple ounces of water every 12 hours(rockwool cubes dry up pretty quick). The bit of white on the plants is from water residue.

    Strain : Master kush
    System: Bubbleponics
    Temps: 80 all day/night
    Rh: unknown (but I know it's fairly low)
    pH : 5.8-6.2
    Lights : LED 90 watt 18/6
    Nutes: 3 part Gen Hydro
    sick plant.jpg

    My question is are they sick or just reacting temporarily to the new LED? The LED is about 5-6 inches from the top of the plant, should it be moved further? My other plant (thai x SS xGigabud) shows no signs other than the new leaves curling under(and they aren't as yellow as MK's new leaves)...?
  2. you were having a nitrogen issue before the nutes,
    and now it seems like u have nute burn

    in my experience i would have LEDS about 6-7 inches above, since they seem to cause the plants i grew alot of heat stress when they were to close.
    5-6 inches is good though.
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    heat stress with LED's? how'd you manage that? they're the coolest light setup you can get...

    edit: flushed it with pHed water i'll let it sit over night and water with half strength nutes in the morning any reason for the really skinny/cupped leaves? could that be due to the nutes or the led?
  4. it wasn't like serious heat stress, did not mess up my grow one bit, just new growth on the ends of the leaves were jagged etc.

    are ur leaves drooping at all? sorry im not entirely sure on ur cupped leave situation.
  5. the new leaves look curled/twisted but the old leaves seem fine so I don't think it's overwatering
  6. backoff the nutes guy, after flushing, go back to 1/4 strength nutes, let the plant recover, it may take some time to recover. check the temps at the canopy, the humidity being low is not a major hazard. I was vegging with 20% hum, aand it didnt really seem to be that harmful.

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