sick plant- yellowing - Help appreciated

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  1. so my plant is may b 2 weeks old, it had a rough start coz i was growing it under shitty light bulb and natural light, so it stretched and plus slow growth ,

    but now i got 125W cfl adn fan on

    soil- organic miracle gro

    temp - around 84

    humidity - i dont know but it feels normal

    im thinking its a nute burn, i got some perlite super coarse
    so may b i have to transplant, just wanna do somehtign before its too late


    im posting 2 pic first one is 2 days ago, 2nd one is today

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  2. or may b i should transplant to a bigger pot with perlite mixed in, and flush ??
  3. the pot size right now is less than half a gallon
  4. 85f is a bit high drop it between 70-80f
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    There doesn't look like a nute problem yet. Just add your nutes at 1/4 or 1/3 strength. It doesn't hurt to add a little perlite to help with drainage, but it won't have any affect on your nutes issue. And keep them close to the light. If you can, get rid of the MG soil, and transplant into bigger pots with some other type of soil.
  6. anyone?

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