Sick plant, please help...

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  1. Alright... So I have 12 plants that are 16 days into flowering. There are 2 of those 12 that are dropping lower fan leafs like crazy and all of them look like the ones in the pictures. Almost like it's working it's way up the plant or something. Pretty positive this isn't some sort of nutrient deficiency or something of that nature so it has me kind of worried what it could be that it could possibly be some sort of fungus God forbid..
    Any thoughts on what this could be I would appreciate it so much. This is the worst time for something like this to happen being 2 weeks into flower I would love to get it fixed asap...
    Thanks guys...[​IMG]
  2. Looks like bugs my guy. Use a jeweler's loupe to sus the underside of the leaves.
  3. You need to post whole plant pictures. I could go into my flower room right now and rip off dead and dying, shriveled up and crispy leaves off of a super healthy plant.

  4. got to be a Caterpillar or large bug, there big holes in parts of a healthy green leaf
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  5. Wanted to say thank everyone for the input. Since posting this I have gotten a couple hot shot no pest strips that are "supposed" to kill flying and crawling insects in an inside area for up to 4 months. Placed 2 of them in my 12'x6' room and also got some diatomaceous earth to sprinkle around the soil in the pots as suggested by another forum member.
    Relieved it's just some hungry bugs...

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