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Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by tokers delight, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. Hello all, the leaves on my plant are drooping,dry/brittle and curling. It is my 1st grow. Plant is 3 wks old and is under a 250watt hps with 2x 120 watt cfls thrown in for good measure. At the minute the plants are watered when first couple of inches are dry, they also got their 1st flush and nut feed on saturday but the problem had already began b4 this problem arised. Any help much appreciated.

    Ps please excuse the dodgy pics

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  2. Looks fine.
    What are we talking about.
  3. Hi dude, its my first grow and im maybe gettin worried about nothing.
  4. I'm on my first grow as well and I know exactly what you mean. Sounds like you did your homework as well, so I'm sure there's nothing to worry about in the long run. Just a question, how come you flushed them already? I thought that was something you did when you find out you overloaded them with nutes...
  5. yo roomies, i gave them a good drenching of water and they seem to have perked up a bit, fingers crossed they keep it up. I only flushed them out of panic, they probably didnt need it but i dont think it will have caused to much harm. I was convinced it was either overwatering or underwatering and i think it could be the latter but only time will tell. As youll know as a first time grower its pretty much trial and error or hunting for info on forums like these. Im already thinking of things that ill be doing differently next time round, but like anything in life practice makes perfect and in maybe a few more grows we will be harvesting a ginormous amount of weed (wishful thinking maybe).

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