Sick plant, help.

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  1. Hey everyone, just joined and Im looking for some advice. Im growing a load of plants but one of them is looking pretty shit, its a Think Big auto. Il upload some photos and hopefully someone can give me their opinion. Cheers. P1020351.JPG P1020352.JPG P1020351.JPG P1020352.JPG P1020353.JPG P1020351.JPG P1020352.JPG P1020353.JPG P1020354.JPG P1020355.JPG P1020351.JPG P1020352.JPG P1020353.JPG P1020354.JPG P1020355.JPG
  2. Hi i am far from an expert on autos as dont like growing em ... too unperdictable!!! Looks like overwatered! Is ya drainage ok? Ph? Nutes? Ya could do wi a higher ratio of perlite for drainage too. Like i say not an auto grower but leave it be under goid light and if repot bang perlite to help overwatering etc . Goid look love ... happy growing xxxxx
  3. well, theres 12 growing in total and this is the only one thats doing it. PH is 6, drainage is ok, I think it could be overwatering too, just didnt know the leaves curled up with overwatering, thought they went thick and heavy. Cheers for the advice, and yes your right, autos are a pain in the arse!
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  4. The upsetting thing here is the unbalanced leaves, not one is the same as the other

    I'll accuse it of being a unstable strain

    with not enough light, more light is good at this age

    the soil is yukky next potup add 30% perlite

    to aid drainage and root compaction

    good luck
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  5. Hi love. U are absolutly rite .. over water is thick and droopy.. friday and a a few beers lol... that one plant may noy be liking temps etc. No matter wat there is always obe or two for every ten or so that miss behalve... go wi law of average and keep doing wat ya doing as the rest if ya plabts seem to be happy...wi it just been one of 12 then just see how it goes love . Dont change ought as rest of the eleven gud one may f**k up lol. Good luck love and happy growing. Hopefully the one naughty plant will behave soon. If not u got 11 that will gi u good buds xxx
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