Sick Plant Help? Phosphorus Def or PH problem?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by MisterSwisher420, Aug 4, 2017.

  1. Alright so I have a 3 week old Chem Dog plant. She was growing really good in some shitty soil. I ended up transfering her out and damaging her roots a lil and she took a few days to recover, then she started growing again.

    She's a bit small for 3 weeks, maybe like a week behind. But I'm noticing a problem. It first started out as a leaf getting light in color and the tips of leaves curling up. Then I saw some start getting even lighter at the tips so I moved her from the light a bit. It made everything go back to normal, until now.

    She's in Fox Farm Soil. She gets watered every 2-3 days. I wait until its completely dry to water. I haven't gotten nutes yet because im broke. I wanna get her FF nutes too when i get the money.

    Anyway what is the problem here and how can I fix it? Does she just need nutes? I dont know how im gonna get her nutes right now and I dont wanna kill her...

    Also notice the rust colored spot on the middle leaves. I dont PH my water either because well like I said im broke. I couldn't afford a tester. I just give her bottled R/O water.

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  2. bump i really need help
  3. What's the RH and temp of where you grow and is it in the sun or a light ? Post more pictures of the middle leaf set

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  4. Idk the RH either. The temp is usually like 85-90.
    Its under a 300watt LED. and the only issue you can see.
  5. I don't really see much of a problem she looks healthy to me but I'm on my second grow so I still don't know much

    How many gallons is your container ATM currently I have two of my girls in a 7 gallon with fox farms and one of them in a 4 or 5 gallon

    And buy a humidity and thermometer for the plant it helps a ton

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  6. Actually how high is your light from your plant ?

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  7. Its about 2 and a half feet from her. I had to move her bc she was getting burnt before.
    But whats up with the spot on that leaf. Is that healthy???
  8. And she's in a like half gallon rn Im gonna transport her when i can get another pot. If I cant get another pot im about to make one out of a trash bag.
  9. Do you think I can have a better picture of the spot in the leaf ?

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  10. Yeah here you go.

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  11. Your plant doesn't look too bad if your noticing more spots come up then you should worry.

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  12. Yeah a good friend / family member who grew for 14 seasons told me its probably calcium and well I just got fox farm big bloom and their micro nutrient bottle so it'll be all good. Im gonna give them their first feeding tomorrow.
  13. he also told me PH isn't that big of a problem in soil. So I guess I'll be fine. He told me to just use tap water and let it sit opened over night.
    He also told me not to mix them together which may be a hassle.
    I just mixed them in 2 liter bottles (half gallon)
    So i put half of what the bottle said for each 2 liter.
    and Im gonna do the first couple feedings half strength then move up to full strength
  14. You should use big bloom a little later on because it's mainly for flowering and their should be enough nutes in the soil for vegging

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  15. Nah big bloom is there veg, and tiger bloom is flower.
    The other one is micro nutes.

    A very experienced grower told me to start the feeding regime at 3 nodes. It'll make the growth explode.
    You do it half strength then move up to full and towards the end of veg you do whats called heavy feeding. Where you up the nutes just a little.
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  16. Hey I'm still on my first grow but yea that looks like it could possibly be calcium deficiency which I'm currently bouncing back from. I'm also in fox farms (ocean forest) and using the trio of nutes. The tip on one of your leaves looks like possible nutes burn but could be a number of things. But just a heads up, I've done a lot of reading and not one of the nutes we have contain calcium. So you will have to get cal-mag or calcium one way or another. What kind of water are you giving it?
  17. I was giving them RO water.
    But now im using tap water thats sat out for days.
    And Im pretty sure the micro nute one has calcium i remember reading it on the back. I may be wrong though im a bit fucked up.
    I was thinking it might have been a burn but like why is it showing now?? I haven't ever given it nutes. Could it be the soil? Should I not even bother giving them nutes then???
  18. Nvm you right bro. I gotta transplant her soon anyway so Im gonna just mix in egg shells with her new soil.
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  19. I'm actually sitting next to my big bloom bottle and calcium is not labeled at all. I have been using fox farm nutes since week 2.5 and have a Cal deficiency so just now got cal mag because I thought my tap water would be enough but it isn't apparently. If you get cal mag your good to use the RO if you want. Your plant doesn't look bad at all though. If that develops into a bunch of spots then you need to get cal mag quick.

    Do you know the brand if soil it was in? The thing about most bagged soils is they already have nutes in it. Fox farms has all the microorganisms but no N-P-K so you can add nutes as you please. Most potting soil already have the NPK added and you can't adjust it; if it's too much for your plant you can try to flush it(maybe?) But you'll see things like "feeds three months" so at some point that will be the perfect amount of nutes for your plant but can't adjust it so can't give the optimum amount when you need to.

    And btw I actually started out around 1/8-1/6th he recommended dose (cuz I'm growing mostly autos) and am just now up to 1/2 recommended nutes and all but one of my plants has no nute deficiency. Again, I'm a new grower. I am a very thorough researcher though so hope this helps a bit!
  20. I was gonna do the eggshell thing as well (with vinegar) but my girl with cal def is an auto and transplanting is out of the question for this girl. Sounds like you got the plan my man!

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