Sick of these stupid ass shows on tv

Discussion in 'General' started by Bamboobam, Feb 1, 2014.

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    I just glanced at my tv and the show is called "Jerks with Cameras" and they pulled this "prank" that they were interviewing people about some bullshit and the guy that holds the microphone drank some clam chowder in a concealed cup so you couldn't see what was inside and intentionally spits it up on the people they are interviewing as if he was vomiting. All you can hear is the fake ass laugh track in the background. A few were females who got it on their clothes and hair. Who in the fuck does that as a joke? They are truly sick shows on tv with no decency at all.

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    Tvs gone to shit. I only watch discovery nat geo history channel and those type of channels i don't watch any of that reality crap
  3. Then stop watching and go outside and play.
  4. Ha i wasn't even watching. I am about to go somewhere and the tv was just on a random channel and I was like "wtf"
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    I honestly feel like society is beginning to emulate Idiocracy.
  6. History channels all duck dynasty and pawn stars... Crap

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    Ewww to Duck Dynasty. I actually liked the earlier episodes of Pawn Stars. I noticed they are following more of a script lately like it's really obvious, but I like the historical part more than anything. Don't care about their "acting parts".
    most educated people no longer watch tv already.
    you are watching programs made to appeal to people that do not adapt to technology. (old people, stupid people, poor people)
  9. What's this edumacation you done speak of?
  10. You have to sift through shit to find good shows. I'm only following like 4 shows this season (not counting anime).
  11. If I find myself in the position of being puked on, I'm probably going to break that person's jaw with a right hook.
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    What do you expect from a show called "Jerks with Cameras"??
    There's some good shows though. I wastch Law and Order religiously lol.
  13. This show is designed to get a humorous chuckle out of people.
  14. So.... Don't watch it.
  15. I pretty much only watch 3 channels.. Discovery for shows like myth busters and gold rush. National geographic is good to with drugs inc and modern marvels, ESPN I have sportscenter on 75% of the time. TV is shit these days too much drama and "reality".Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  16. Only nat geo is the channel you listed that doesn't have fake reality show. History has a bunch as well as discovery.
    In order to "lower the bar" any further we'll need a shovel. But the social engineering gurus will be happy when excellence has finally been thoroughly shit canned and everyone is stamped from the same cookie cutter level of stupid. They call that "progress".
  18. I don't even have a TV. 
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    Most premium programming is excellent, though. HBO has Game of Thrones and True Detective. FX (although not premium) has Justified. I personally don't care for Sons of Anarchy, but you could list it among the better shows.
    It is a fact, however, that most basic cable programming is targeted toward the lowest percentile. I heard an interview with an exec from A&E, and he plainly admitted that they were no longer broadcasting intelligent programming, and instead they were focusing on "intellectual junk food" because that's where the ratings are.
  20. your right if im watchin history channelits usually documentaries same with discovery

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