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Sick of shitty dealers

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Millentree10, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. I may have to give up smoking for a while altogether because every time I get a new dealer, theres fair/good deals the first few times and then they try to sell me pipe tobacco or leaf or some shit. Anyone else have this problem where they are? :(

    Gone through 3 people with bad deals now, plus another 3 who were good but dont sell anymore.

    I have bought from this most recent guy 3 times now, always 2g of pretty good dank for $20. He texted me and said hes got "dro" 40 an 8th and i thought, well I highly doubt its hydroponics but should at least be decent bud...

    I met up with him, and he pretty much handed it to me and left, which I thought was kinda weird.. I checked it and its all brown leaves and chopped up stems. Needless to say, chalk up one more to never do business with again.. *sigh*.
  2. you seem pretty gullible, try not to be an easy target.

  3. yea man NY and NJ were bad for me unless you knew a steady grower.. it sucks that you keep getting ripped off though.
  4. That sounds like middle school bro.

    Better luck next time. :smoke:
  5. all you can really do is just ignore him. if you're the one always hitting him up first, then he will take advantage of you. a good dealer will usually send you a text or something if they've gotten something good to get rid of, or if they haven't heard from you in a while they might hit you up which means they actually care about you. even if you're hurting for bud, don't hit him up. don't do don't do it don't do it. you are set up in a situation where it will only get worse.
  6. lol you fuckin with the wrong people
  7. Yea dude dont let yourself be an easy target.

    Even if youre somewhat new to smoking, when you first meet the dealer, act like youre pro.

    Be like yiihhh dawggie dis ni%$a up da street here dun shorted me 'bout half an eighth, Bouta roll up on his house widd dem rockets blastin ya feel me? I dun did too much wurrk fo' some lil young bastid to cum up in hurr n cop summa my shyt... Lemme get an eighth.

    This'll slap some fear in the dealers you associate with, and it'll show the dealer that you are able to identify shorted bags.
  8. If you keep getting ripped off, why don't you at least look at the bud before you pay for it?

  9. That's just it, I didn't. He texted me today randomly that hes got bud so i said 'aight can i get an 8th' to which he replied 'sure u wana meet now?' and so on
  10. You gotta get hook ups from business mens. 30+ are usually the good ones.

  11. I smelled it, which usually works because usually im gettin sold pipe tobacco if not bud.. Smell like weed, but it be leaf
  12. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.....

    It sounds like the problem lies within my man. Obviously you are doing something that indicates to these people that you can be ripped off without repercussions. Take some time and think about what that may be.
  13. #13 GrassCtyCitizen, Nov 17, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 17, 2011
    Huge red flag here, if he's not one of your close buds he is looking to hit a lick when he says something like this. He was probably in need of some quick money and you were his easiest target. That is why he hit you up.

    And don't listen to imprettygood, he is YOUR dealer, YOU should be the one hitting HIM up for bud, not the other way around. I hate it when dealers are pushy.
  14. hmmm.........this guy sounds like your typical asshole...he's flaunting his BOMB shit when it's dirt....he's just trying to make money any way possible....he probably had time to show the stuff to multiple people and they probably passed him up so he's desperate to get rid of it, therefore forcing it on you (the grab and go type shit where you don't even get to look at it)...definitely gotta agree with everyone though, this guy's gotta go. nothin but trouble.
  15. Unlucky man, feel bad for you.

    The way i think about it, its probably one of two things:

    - 1. The dealers your gettin are propa dickheads or..
    -2. They think your an easy target.

    See if you know anybody else whos been skanked by the same people like you, and like people have said, try go for older dealers - they tend to be more reliable on average. Try and get links off of trusted friends aswell, thats the best way to avoid being sold crap. Or even better, find a friend that grows, simples :smoke:

  16. What a douche, I don't get hooked up by any means but the prices are fair, and he always smokes me up with his Kong when I buy a sack. Don't be an easy target, and try to act like you know what your talking about. keep looking you'll find a steady dude, and it'll be worth it to shuffle through the lames.
  17. You should buy from me :D

    I'm proud to say I've never ripped anyone off in my life, and I fatten the sacks 90% of the time
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  18. are you a rich white boy? lol. don't act like a balla and flash cash all the time either. not saying you do, but it's a sure sign of a straight up SUCKER.

  19. lmao if i was the dealer id slap the shit outta ulol. i love how everyone thinks these dealers are black lol if there was a bet id go with black to tho lol

  20. Hahaha maybe I should! :D

    But yeah, I think the main problem was that I usually end up meeting them out in public and don't get a chance to thoroughly check the bag. My old dealer would let me over to his house any time, he had like 6 bongs and he'd match me on about half of whatever I bought, if I could. Always scaled in front of me, let me try a hit of it first, etc..

    He got evicted from his house and moved to Virginia in April. It was my 2nd dealer, back when I was in 10th grade (I'm a senior now.), so I kind of assumed there would be more like him in this shitty town. There was one, who decided not to sell anymore cause he's having kids, which I completely respect, but still bothers me a bit haha.

    Because these have always been my go-to guys, I don't really have experience with the whole hit-up-and-meet-somewhere-and-be-careful-they-have-lots-of-way-to-rip-you-off! deal. Ah well, thanks for the advice and such, I'll just have to search around a bit more :smoke:

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