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Sick of hearing about cali!!!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by highlifeman1, May 25, 2010.

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  1. does any1 else on this site think the most annoying people posting r from cali?? every thread has 1 dickhead saying how cheap d bud is and how flame it is.
  2. i am, im from jersey here.
  3. Just like cali people are jealous of Portland, Oregon smokers with their even better prices

    And then all of us are jealous of canadians because they have insanely low prices, compared to USA.

  4. I'm not, I just rub it in their face how my canadian connect gets me P's for 1600-2200 shipped to my door.
  5. hell no im not jealous! i went 2 cali and the bag i brought from chicago was flamer than anything i saw there
    & thats the shit im talking about right here
  6. here im smokelahoma we have crap crap crap. Anything decent is going to cost big time.

    im not gonan hate on cali. Maybe if im lucky my state too will pull its head out of the federal governemts ass and regulate.
  7. Cali bud is overrated, anyone in any state in any country can grow good weed.

    All the information you need to know on how to properly grow marijuana is available free of charge, right on this forum.

    All of the equipment and genetics are available on the internet for you to purchase.

    I have purchased amazing marijuana in cali, texas, new york, florida, etc, etc.
  8. not everyone has the space, time, privileges, or even opportunity to grow there own bud...
  9. *turns and runs*
  10. Most adults do.
  11. i would if the plants didn't fucking reak. there's no way i can hide it
  12. u mad?
  13. <3 being from canada

  14. ok first your tripin sayin people in cali a jealous of portland?? hell no were not its not just our bud that so good its our hole way of life he have is way better and then you say oregon has better prices then cali :laughing::laughing::laughing: and then you say were jelous of canada anybody in cali will tell you your canada can suck it and swallow there bud is what we call green which is down there at the bottom of the barrel in cali:cool:
  15. Lol. Cali people jealous? Of what!? You guys aint got shit on us, no other state can touch us.

  16. once agin your tripin hard you cant grow 20-30 feet tall indicas outdoor and still get some of the best and densest bud youll ever see:smoke:
  17. uhh so? you can make good shit indoors, and you also don't need 20-30 ft plants.
  18. anybody that says theres better bud and better prices then Humboldt is high off there ass and needs there head checked
  19. i agree.

    we could save so much bandwidth if we banned "OMG DANK CALI BUDZZZ" and "ne1 lissen to kId cUdI??" threads.
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