Sick of having my head fucked with.

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  1. I have a guy friend that flirts with me like crazy for a while, the just stops and barely talks to me and acts really weird. It's been like this pretty much the entire time I've known him and it's driving me insane. :cool:

    Tell me guys, why do you do this? Or if there's a girl that has a thought you can throw it in too lol. I just wanna figure this shit out.
  2. He's not worth the trouble, sweetie. This guy obviously is too immature or inexperienced to know what he really wants, thus the confused behaviour.

  3. lol obviously dimethyltrip has no idea what she is talking about. that dude acts like that because he does have some feelings for you but doesnt know how to express them for you because he isnt sure how you will react. when he flirts with you do you flirt back? or kinda just brush it off?
  4. Haha and the signs you mentioned have nothing to do with being immature and inexperienced? Riiight...

  5. no actually they dont. every girl is matter how experienced a guy is he has to take a different approach for each one. i saw nothing done that would lead me to think the guy in question is "immature or inexperienced"
  6. Well he knows I like him - or at least, knows I did. I told him almost a year ago I liked him and he said he didn't like me in that way, so I guess maybe he could have realized he does like me but isn't sure how to act cause he doesn't know if I still like him or not? But he is immature and inexperienced, he's only had like 4 girlfriends and none of them lasted or were serious.
  7. Well if this guy is not going to open up to you, give him a push. If you think he might be confused about the way you feel for him, make things clear. If he still acts this strangely thereafter... seriously, just let it go.
  8. He flirts and then he doesn't get anything out of it. Then he worries you don't like him like he likes you. Thus he stops being around you for a while because he's awkward and he's given up.

    So if you like him, then tell him. It may be different than what I suspect but I'd bet it's just that neither of you are making the real move and so he's freaking out. (So like Dimethyltrip said, he's inexperienced. But that doesn't mean you should never give it a real try...)
  9. Don't listen to this.

    If he flirts with you, flirt back. He stops flirting with you because its not PROGRESSING, either hes trying to move onto the next step and your not letting him or something along those lines.

    Us guys don't just go out and flirt with girls for the fun of it. When we flirt, its fucking buisness time.
  10. Couldnt of said it any better

  11. Not always true.

    Sometimes I flirt with no intentions of anything serious, it's just for fun, or to make a woman feel better abour herself.

    Kind of like this bigger woman I work with. I've known she's had a huge crush on me forever, and I always flirt with her. Not because I like her or want to get with her, but it's fun, and it always makes her smile, which in return makes me smile.

    Maybe this guy is doing the same exact thing.
  12. my two cents on it is... look, if you like him, or want something to happen, then go get it! some guys are different... especially if they're, like you said, inexperienced or immature... just work it girllll. if he flirts, flirt back, but flirt harder. quit letting him take his piddly-ass time going back and forth cat and mouse with you. be confident, feel sexy, be forward, make the first move... time's a wastin', you gotta go get what you want, make it happen!
  13. We've all gotta start somewhere :rolleyes:
  14. if he looks like this dont sweat it
  15. This sounds about right to me, or maybe he's just doing it for the attention. I wouldn't lose sleep over it though, there's other fish in the sea and the right person is waiting for you somewhere just let them come to you and you'll be much happier I promise.
  16. LMAO. Thank you guys for all these replies, they really cracked me up. I'd give you all rep if my giving rep actually meant something.
  17. He likes you. He wants to go out with you just can't admit it. Trust me.
  18. Sounds like me, except without the weirdness.

    He sounds like a natural flirt. Some guys are just like that. It can be confusing, but that's the way it is.

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