Sick flowering girl, not getting better - Urgent!

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  1. Alright, so I battled PH issues with her most of her life so she's always had some sick leaves. I finally got that straightened out a couple weeks ago. Runoff has been 6.7-6.8 ever since. I haven't fed her in about 1.5 weeks, and I've watered her 3 times in that time period. And her problems almost seemed to have gotten worse once I fixed the PH issue.

    Heat is high because it's a closet grow and the dehumidifier also makes it hotter, but I need it to control the humidity. Normally the temp is 84-88F but I've seen it as high as 92F. And the humidity is 40-50%.

    On top of the leaf issue, some of the pistils on the lower flowers have turned brown on their tips. I've also checked and it hasn't hermied. At just under 3 weeks I don't think the pistils should be changing.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm worried that my window of opportunity of getting this fixed before it greatly affects yield is beginning to close. I've searched and searched and searched for what could be causing some of my problems and I just can't find out what applies to my specific issue(s).

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  2. Also, I'm using Roots Organic Budhha Bloom for my nutes and I've inspected the entire plant and have seen absolutely no bugs.
  3. check the soil for bugs aphids
    pull the plant out of the pot when you turn off the light
    don't do this if it is to hot move to cool room for a little bit

    hope this helps:smoke:
  4. Howdy! Not entirely sure what could be the issue, but seems like it may be some residual stress from past adventures LOL PH swing can cause some of this, but in reality it's just stress that can manifest in a number of ways.

    A few browning pistils @ 3 weeks doesn't seem too out of the ordinary to me, I don't think that's a biggy there. Your plant(s) looks pretty damn good IMO. If these are old battle scars I don't think it'll screw your yield that much, if any. Just keep the health going and keep an eye on the new growth.

    Good luck partner!
  5. The closest I can find is either Ca deficiency or nute burn. What would you say it would be out of those two?

    Thanks for the compliments, I'm trying hard here, but I'm still learning how to read plants.
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    Calcium def will start with little rust spots normally, they'll drive you nuts :mad: I don't see them in your pics.

    Burning I could believe. Have you flushed lately? Perhaps some salt buildup is irritating the roots?

    Also - do you have a fan blowing? Sometimes leaves tear when they get blown around. I'm bad about pinching them between pots and tearing them myself. I got 'em asshole tite so shit happens LOL

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