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Sick Every Morning

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Joint, Apr 23, 2006.

  1. Ok, I'm asking this here because it's related to weed, or at least I think it might be...

    Starting about 3 months ago, every single morning I wake up and basically puke. It starts as a bunch of phlegm in my throat causing me to cough, which usually causes a stomache cramp, which usually causes me to puke. And this happens every, single morning. The reason I think it has to do with weed is this: The more I smoke the night before, the worse it is. And if I smoke in the morning, all the nausia goes away. But I'm wondering if maybe I'm putting myself into a cycle where I feel sick so I smoke some to feel better, but then that makes me need to smoke every morning or else I'll feel sick.

    So I guess my question is, has this kind of thing happened to anyone else? I'm a pretty frequent wake-n-baker, but this sickness has only been happening for the last few months and I've been smoking like I do for years. Also I don't have any other illnesses that I know of.
  2. My suggestion is to take a quick break (at least from night smoking if not all together) and see if that has any effect on you. It can't really hurt so might as well give it a shot.

    Hope ya feel better man :eek:
  3. I agree with knox, I think if its making you puke you need a 100% break for a week maybe, and then after that take it a little easier with night smoking. Of course no one wants to hear that they should take a break, but it sounds like you need it. If it persists after a day or two of no pot, see a doctor man.
  4. Ur prob just pregnant and getting that damn morning sickness, its a bitch lol
  5. LOL!

    um, i wouldnt go a week without weed. The moment you shake off the highs, you feel incredible..its an amazing feeling (and you probably wont go back). Anyone who has had to quit will vouch for me on that one..get past the cravings and you feel better then you ever gave. The sickness? That is definitly related to weed. For a medical standpoint, weed makes a lot of people experince vertigo (or a spinning sensation) and a lot of people who smoke weed before they sleep, get dizzy from laying in a suspine (flat on your back) position when you sleep. Especially when you close your eyes..the effect is multiplied. The advice from doctor FLEX :))) would be to keep your smoking away from your bed time. Let the burn out lull you to sleep...not the high feeling knocking you out.

    Anymore medical questions hit me up, but i would definitly try timing a burnout to your sleeping schedual and you will be AMAZED how much better you feel when you wake up

  6. 1:Take Vitamins A:C:E:K: If you can get some mutivitamins. or eat furit.
    2:Work out at least once a day
    3: Dont eat before you sleep :smoking:

    I think its build up down there also, drink alot of water after a couple weeks you should feel better.

    Hope you feel better :smoke:
  7. Lol i agree. Haha, just take a break from tokin at night maybe, see if thats what it is...Or just take an all around break..even if its for 3 days, just to see if you still puke in themorning, and if you do, then you should go to the doctors, it might be something internally..
  8. I used to experience something similar. Back in the teen years, I used to leave random shit all over my room: food, womens thongs, etc. The mold that had formed on the food, and maybe some of the thongs (standards had hit the fan) had gotten into the air. It effected the air quality, and made me really congested and nauseated when I would stay in there for long periods of time. If this is your problem, clean up your room and get an air purifier.
  9. I've never experienced anything like that before, but I'm going to agree with everyone else and say you should take a week or so break and see if that helps.

    if it gets worse you should think about seeing a doctor
  10. Are you pregnant? You didn't say if you where a girl. lol
  11. I had the same problem for quite a while but it wasn't related to weed. Anytime I ate anything late at night it would cause me to feel extremely nauscious in the morning. Try not to eat anything after 8pm and see how you feel the next morning.... thats all it was for me, I took some meds the doc prescribed not im off them and 100% better.
  12. Thanks for the replies. :)

    I'm planning on a tolerance break over the next few days, plus I need to really put some work in on my final projects and stuff. Hopefully it will help.

    The thing is, and I forgot to mention it, is that even if I don't smoke the night before it still happens. Just not usually as bad. Also, some days I smoke a lot the night before and don't feel all that bad the next day. It's somewhat correllated but also somewhat random. Hopefully taking a break will shed some light, if there's a definate improvement then I'm going to stop smoking at night. But that would kind of suck too. It could also be the wakenbaking, like I get so used to it that if it doesn't happen I get sick. It's hard to tell.

    To whoever said my room might be dirty: It's possible there's some mold growing somewhere in this building, but not in my room, it's quite clean. I also have an air purifier in my room. But I definatly think it's related to my lungs, because like I said, it starts with coughing and a LOT of mucus, and also (sorry if this is gross) what I'm throwing up isn't really puke, just nasal drainage that went into my stomache during the night. Strange thing is, I never have any stuffyness or sinus problems, so IDK where the fuck all the mucus is coming from :confused:

    And finally, I'm a dude, so the only thing I'm pregnant with in the morning is a Brown Baby Boy :p

  13. I usually have triplets :)
  14. Do you smoke cigarettes? They do much more damage to your throat and lungs than weed and it shows, Maybe you're throat is just taking a pounding from them, In some bad cases people get holes drilled in their throats and all sorts, Damn I should think of quitting lol
  15. Have you considered going to see an actual doctor? If you've been vomiting every morning for that long, you really really really really need to go see a doctor.
  16. I had morning nausea when i started hanging out with stoners... went from smoking once a month to constantly puffing all day long in a time period of about 2 days. I assume it was my body getting used to being high and only felt sick for an hour or so in the morning, lasted about a week too. nontheless last summer was intense!
  17. I wouldn't worry about it, the same thing happened to me when I really started smoking heavily. It barely happens to me now. Getting more sleep, eating a meal before going to sleep (the healthier the better), and drinking lots of water during the day and as soon as I wake up, all pretty much eliminated the problem.

    If the problem doesnt go away, or gets worse I might consider a doctor. Do you ever have heartburn too? I was on some meds for that for just a week...It completely cured my heartburn and helped with my morning nausia also.
  18. change your diet drink more water actually drink nothing but water for a week no fried foods lots of fruit and veggies yada yada yada and tey smoking once a day see waht happens do this for a week and no cnahnges go see a doctor
  19. shit.. im a huge sleep smoker. i usually smoke 2 bowls before bed (i really mean before bed.. as im laying IN bed i smoke them) and 2 the same way when i wake up.. have done it for a longg time, and ive never felt anything related to what you have.

    Do you buy bud from only one person? Could it be your getting bad or moldy bud? I dont think know.. I dont know why it would only happen to you, cause alot of people I know smoke before bed.
  20. Yeah I got the phlegm in the throat thing when I started smoking, however when I started smoking ciggarettes it didnt get any worse

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