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    Still can not figure out the problem with these little things. People tell me to flush them but i simply dont know what there talking about i didnt add no nutes nothing just put it in the soil and ready to go. But here are some recent pics of them. What do yall think is going on here ????? :confused: i recently switched lights. Went with mr. green with the t8 flora grow. and a two day lights and one soft white.. Um its regular miracle grow soil feed up to three months. one gallon pots. with fan temp is any where from 70-80 then humidity is any where from 55- 67 i got that mylar stuff. ANY HELPS ADVICE TIPS THEY LOOK LIKE THERE DIEING I JUST DONT KNOW....




  2. Transplant out of that soil IMMEDIATELY if you want any chance of any of them surviving. I used MG all purpose soil too, and it started to affect my bottom leaves. A lot slower than yours is, but maybe because you are over-watering. Time release nutrients are in the soil, which are no good for MJ. Get some good organic all natural soil from wal mart or home depot. NO MIRACLE GRO.
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    so if i use regular organic soil is it a good idea to use some perlite or just use the soil as is??
    should i mix nutes in with the soil since there in such bad shape??
  4. bumpity bump bump bump!!!!
  5. NO. no nutrients. your plant is suffering from nutrient burn right now. its too young for the time release shit in MG. its terrible for MJ plants, and you probably over watered, letting the time release out quickly. I did the same with mine and had to transplant. Switch it to organic. A 20% perlite mix would be beneficial as it would help with drainage
  6. Hey bro, it looks like your little guys are almost toast. You are in a real predicament, because you don't want to overwater, and don't want to add nutes for a while. Best advice is what was already written.....flush good, and let them dry out. If they make it, good, if not, you know what not to do next time. Sometimes this game is hard knocks....
  7. I thought i had a nitrogen problem and wasnt getting enough air flow threw the room. So i left the door open to the closet were i have all my plants and lowered the light a tad bit and now there reaching for the light ???? within 12 hours they seem to be getting alot better!!!i just dont think they were getting oxygen do you think that could of been the problem. I have a fan in there. its just a closed off closet. I mean i plan on flowering in the same room??? What do yall think ??? help anybody!!!
  8. I am new to this as well. But have already seen first hand that MG dirt is not the way to go. The sooner you can change that the better. Too much nutes in it and it doesn't drain worth a shit.
  9. You'll get more replies with a title that has something regarding the issue in it. A title such as ??? will usually be passed over by the people that you are wanting responses from.

    Just some friendly advice. :)
  10. Okay i got you thanks for that does anybody else got any kind of explanation for these little girls!!!! :confused:

  11. Dude is 100% correct. Miracle grow will turn your plant, into this photo.

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  12. so my plants are 3 weeks in the veggie state and there hanging in there! but there is not really any growth on them at all at:( they look ALOT healthier than before but im still constantly cutting off or cleaning up dead leaves!its like theyre growing leaves but they stay the same size cause as soon as new ones come in the old ones fall off.i understand this happens but it just seems like maybe there growth is stunted cause they have no signs of getting bigger. i just watered them with nutes recently and they are starting to finally bloom much more which is cool for me!but when do you think i will see some actuall growing heighth wise??? i have them under 4 t8 light bulbs in which 2 of them are daylight bulbs and 2 are flora grow bulbs
  13. it'll take a while for them to bounce back..keep an eye on them.
  14. ok so i pretty much figured out the problem i have hella bugs.spider mites to be exact.i have been using neem oil and it def helped alot but there everywhere and there destoying my crop! i have all my plants in a resivoir to catch the water and whenever i water them the water stays in the resivoir and it gets REALLY humid and hot in the grow room and it causes these lil bastARDS to hatch all over the place im gonna drill a hole so i can remove all the access water so i dont get the temp problem again! its like i gave the the perfect weather to hatch but even at that these things are everywhere!! any suggetions! these bugs really suck it seems like i cant get them under comtrol

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