Sick clones! need help ASAP!!!!

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  1. Hello all, a few days ago, i brought a cheese clone and purple voodoo clone into my home to grow. Currently under a 400w HPS, in a 2.6x2.6x6.5 area, both in 3 gallon pots, with 3 oscillating fans in the room to help with ventilation while i get my 4" ceiling exhaust fan fixed. At first, the plants looked pretty healthy, and were doing alright.

    Original pic

    Now, my purple voodoo clone looks like this

    Original pic

    Now my cheese clone looks like this

    Just wondering if anyone has any ideas on what might be wrong with my plant? I was thinking possibly a nitrogen defiency.....however i have no idea, this is my first grow and i am very inexperienced. I really want to save this babies.....if someone could possibly help me make them healthier???

    Also, just got Roots Organics nute line. HP2, HPK, Buddha grow, Buddha bloom, ancient amber, trinity, and Oregonism XL. still really confused on how to feed/perk up my babies, if someone could possibly tell me whats wrong with them then maybe suggest a way to help them recover back to health?????
  2. Looks like they are getting blasted with too much light to start with, did you ease then into the HPS? Do they have good root structure? I normally easy my plants into intense lighting (or outside) over the course of 2-3 days.

    Good luck!
  3. They probably are, could it be heat stress? The room gets kinda hot, about 85 degrees during the day and 80 at night, and they're on a 24/7 light schedule. Should i change it to 20/4 and raise the lamp????
  4. It does look like burning from the light. How far away is the light? Also, are you fertilizing the clones? At this point they shouldn't need much.
  5. The light was a little under 2ft away from the top of the plants like 1' 9". probably way too close huh? i just moved it up to 3 feet, and moved a little 4" oscillating fan closer to them. Hopefully that will help? should i move the light higher? And to pinkpipe's other question, no, i am not fertilizing the clones yet, made a noobie mistake though and put 1/6th dose of some 5/10/5 house plant food because i thought the plants might of had a deficiency, but heat stroke sounds muchhhhh more likely at this point. Hopefully i didn't fuck them up. Also, the ph is around 6.7-6.8 in my Purple voodoo pot, and 6.5-6.6 in my cheese pot. When its time to feed, what should i do? anyone got any experience with the roots organic line of nutes???
  6. I checked the book I have, and it looks like two feet from the tops of the plants would be the best bet for now. You could gradually move the light down as the plants recover. I keep a portable weather station under the lights so that I can see how hot the canopy is at all times.
  7. Alrighty, ill adjust it, ill put it at 2.5 because it was almost at 2 and it was way too hot.
  8. \
    yup heat st=ress... the leaves fold like that to reduce heat exposure... then if not corrected (gets to hot) they will wilt. it may be below 80º in ur room but the leaf surface can get above 85º. than that will happen
  9. Thanks janemba. At least I know the problem now. I pruned the brown/yellow crispy leaves off today, still some healthier looking ones on purple voodoo and "eh" looking ones on the cheese. Hope they pull through!!!!!!! Any ideas on lowering grow room temps?
  10. move air and use an A/C
  11. need clones of purple voodoo... anyone know of any dispensaries in CA that have it.... preferable in the bay area...

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