sick bowls

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  1. my bowl cohog and my friends bowl honey.


    what do ya think?
  2. The smaller one looks like my little piece. I like it, very discreet, gets the job done. The other bowl has a cool shape/orientation. How does it hit?
  3. Nice little piece yo! might invest in a newer camera if you wanna get some respect on the forums haha
  4. likin the smaller bowl
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    yah the smaller ones my fav. its got three little cool bubbles instead of one where ur thumb goes and the pack is pretty big. they both rip nice but cohog (the smaller one) is insanely better. it cost twice as much tho but totally worth it. the one thing i dont like about it is that the carb is really low. and yah i just took this pic on my phone so it is kinda shitty.

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