Sick babies?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by defrag, Aug 8, 2007.

  1. Soil: FoxFarm Oceanic Soil
    Water: Tap water thats been sitting out
    Light: 400w MH/HPS

    Heres the latest, 2 of them look pretty healthy, the seedlings and the one on the right look weird though. There leaves are droopy and the cotyldons have turned pretty yellow.
    I am feeding them all 1 shotglass of water every day in the mornning and that is it.
    temps are around 85F
    They are about 13 days old and growth on them seems very slow

    Whats going wrong here?

  2. overwatering

    just use a mister bottle and give them a few squirts a day instead of an ounce
  3. I thought it may be overwatering, the soil feels pretty dry though. Im thinking about transplating to larger pots, but Ill hold off on watering for a day or 2 first and see how they react. Thanks for your help :)
  4. also be aware that many people this year have had similar issues with Fox Farms soil & seedlings, it maybe that the amounts of organic ferts in the soil may affect the weaker plants in your strain & not the healthier ones
  5. I went ahead and cut off the cup from the bigger plants, they were pretty rootbound so i transfered them to larger pots.

    Should I water this pots perhaps give them a little BigBloom nutrients? Its pretty weak .01-.3-.7
  6. Im a firm believer in experiments , so why not try just one @ 1/8 strength
  7. Put some GB in w/ water, still looking a bit rough but not getting worse. hopefully they will be alrite, we shall see
  8. seems to have worked, they seem to have recovered, they are growing albeit slowly and the color has turned to green instead of yellow :hello:
  9. good news

    dont get pushy with the juice, they are in the most unforgiving cycle
  10. ya im not planning to use anything but straight water, can the larger ones be feed straight water or should i use a mister on the larger ones? im currently giving them about 3/4 of a shotglass of water every day. and misting the smaller seedlings everyday as well
  11. backoff a bit , everyother day
  12. got it, thanks alot man

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