sick as shit..

Discussion in 'General' started by boredjim8, Mar 20, 2006.

  1. Fuckin worst stomach ace / fever .. 102.3 degrees :( .. havent eaten for almost 24 hours with the exception of bread and grapes hehe..

    funny thing.. i feel like ima tthorow up and i got bad sthomace ace where i gotta take dump..

    well i was takin dump and i started throwin up in middle of it ROFL.. worst experince EVER
  2. ugh... i feel for you man. hopefully you didnt make too much of a mess.

    get well soon man, heres to some nice magic healing herbs comming your way soon ;)
  3. im thinkin of smokin .. dunno tho.. probly make me feel worse
  4. i wouldnt til the fever goes down
  5. would it make it worse hazed?
  6. Ewww....sounds like the stomach flu. Drink lots of liquids and get rest. Smokin will just make it worse... I know this from experience. Just remember to bring a bucket to the bathroom with you...or head there when you gotta hurl...nasty stuff.
  7. I dunno but I know hot smoke in your lungs wont help lower your temperature.

    I really havent had a fever since ive started toking so I wouldn't know..

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