sic plants?

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  1. looks very much like your nutes are too hot. Your tips are curling under and turning brown. Flush those pots.
  2. i havnt gavem nutes in 2 weeks.
  3. well, tell us more then. what kind of soil are they in? what is the pH of your soil? how big are the plants? how big are their containers? what nutes did you give them two weeks ago? it's kind of silly to ask what's wrong and have us stumble around in the dark with all the different variables possible.

    is still looks like a nute prob.

  4. Yes. Please answer these questions so we can better help you. If you have not fertilized in 2 weeks and you are 5 weeks into flower, they are probably getting N deficient.
  5. they are in 10 inch radius pots. they gota be around 3 or 4 gallons. sial is topsoil vermiculite and peat moss mixture. i give them 15-30-15 every two weeks. and i give them a gallon of distilled water every week. temp is in lower 80s high 70s. and plants are tied down now but they still about a foot and a half tall.

  6. Yes. I would give them a high dose of your N fert, not the high P that you are currently using.
  7. word. throw a little N in there and see what happens.
  8. how bout i givem the 15-30-15 and pop 2 of them nitrogen sticks in the soil. should i still flushem?
  9. N15-P30-K15 is your flowering nutes as indicative by the high P number. Give them something with more N than the others. The 15-30-15 might be ok though if you can't come up with anything else. No, do not use the Nitrogen sticks. In seedling stage those sticks will probably over fert the plants because you can not control how much and when the Nitro is given. In flower you still do not have any control and you could very well harvest plants that taste like shit because they have too much fertilizer in them. Stop all ferts about 2 weeks prior to harvest and flush them then.

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