Shy Girl, Daddy Problems?

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    There is this really sweet girl I've been dating for around a month and I want to get closer to her and let her know she can trust me. I think she has some trust issues because her dad left their family when she was young.

    She has no personal relationship with her dad. He lives in another state and she isn't even really sure what he does at his job.

    She is really shy and quiet but she's actually starting to open up and get comfortable around me. Any advice on how to treat this situation? I want her to know I'm a sweet guy she can put her trust in and open up to me more.
  2. If she'z startin' to open up to you already just keep doin' what you're doin' to make that shyt happen
  3. I agree with La. Once they start cracking out of their shell it can only really go uphill from there.
    I've heard of something like this before... About a girl's lack of a father figure during childhood. That once they find a strong, protective partner, they have problems letting go. I don't know, never seen this but it would make sense from a theoretical point of view.
    Anyway, good luck.
  4. Daddy issues can be a big problem, even though it may seem like she's opening up to you and things are okay now, be cautious. Just sayin'.:cool:
  5. the same one as before? i glad that at least you got your foot in that door....good for you....just keep it will naturally happen....btw see highlighted section, i think you meant dad, i hope the dead left :D
  6. Grow a beard and call her baby.
  7. Ya, the same one as before. She definitely likes me because a couple weeks ago I went to her house to meet her mom, uncle, aunt, grandma, and great grandma. Then last week I met her little sister and her sister says that I'm her new favorite :p

    I dont think she would have me meet all those family members if she wasn't diggin me haha

    I have a beard (just a goatee not a full beard) but I dont call her baby :laughing:
  8. Aw dats rly cayoot 4 sure ;)

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