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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by smokinokie, Feb 3, 2003.

  1. Man! I just went and wandered around Yahooka for awhile.


    Very sad.

    They've even overrun the Mellow little corner where I used to hang out.

    Made coming back here even nicer!

    So which thread is the party in tonight?
  2. i don't know, maybe this one

  3. Party on Smokie!

    I still moderate over there on a daily basis. There is nothing to do but move threads. We can close or delete threads and move them, but nothing else..
  4. you know to this day i have not visited yahooka, this is the first forum i found and never cared to leave.
  5. You are a smart man bud. Yahooka used to be like this site. Now it has been taking over by 10-15 year olds with attitude disorders.
  6. well i hope no one ever puts up a link to this site there, that is by far the most annoying age group, except maybe 7 or something. no offense to the young'uns who may be on here that aren't. but then i probably don't have say that because you probably agree, i sure know i did at that age
  7. They are not all that age. When you get that many acting fools, all the others just fall into place and act that way too.

    Some of the people over there do nothing but post negative replies to every thread. Some of them are racial, sexist, and just pure evil. I hate to go there but I made a promise to Lunaria that i would help try to get things back to some what normal.

    They have down loaded new software but the moderators and administrators are to scared to do what is needed.

  8. OOOOOOPS!:)

    Sorry man. But I still got people there. I want to get them out.

    We got's lot's of sheriffs, and excellent oversight from the admins.

    Let the good un's in.

    Kill the rest at the gate.
  9. can you boot people as a mod. there? if so just lay down the law and wait for the inevitable fuck you and use them as an example. just a thought though, i am not in your possition or in full briefing of the facts so i could be wrong.
  10. ^^^^ Sounds fair enough smokie^^^^

    Some of them already come here from time to time!

  11. i don't have a problem with that, i realize not everyone there is a trouble maker, just like not everyone who shows up here isn't

  12. Some of the mods there don't want to step on toes.

    Here we don't care about toes we care about our majority members.

    They have run almost all the good members off from over there.

    They have a moderator forum over there and some of the moderators are ready to get the site back in the hands of the moderators. The only way to do it......Is by banning around 5-8 bad members.

    It's a simple solution to a difficult problem!
  13. quite a pickle, mods not wanting to do a little toe stompin. well i have to get off this site, homework due tomorrow. i may be back later.
  14. 5-8 bad members?

    Looked more to me like 15 to 20!
  15. paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarty!
  16. yeah, this was the first forum I found too...actually, I dont remember how I found this site, but I'm glad I did!
  17. i found this site looking for a sublime website, i tried to do the same thing later and couldn't.

    sensi has the right idea

  18. 5-8 bad members. The others are just following to have fun..

  19. Over there the mods don't haave the power to ban. Only Lunaria and Debaser have that power.

    You hardly ever see Lunaria. Debaser has become hard to find at times.

    I have voiced my opinion several times to ban the trouble makers and anyone who starts a bunch of shit about it.
    They talk about it but nothing gets done..

    Till they give mods more powers or at least listen, nothing is going to change..
  20. HIGH All, and you people are doing a fine job. Critters over there bringing old posts up. Pisses me O.F.F.F. that I went on a deleteing spree.

    Hey Bud Head you remember when tazz11 thought you were a cop *LOL* fuck that made me laugh.

    I still hit Ya-Hooka at least three times a week, might not post but I'm there.

    A cool site that just started is Cannabis Genetics Index or CGI it a site that has info and pics of hundred of strains of our beloved plant. If you havn't checked it out should.

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