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  1. :rolleyes::Dhi GC 3 days ago i tried shrooms for the first time i ate about 4-5 grams of some good mush i have 2.5g left and i was wondering if i smoked 2grams of weed outa a bucket and ate the 2.5 of mush would i feel anything
  2. yep

    it would actually boost the shrooms

    i think, at least
  3. I have to agree, I did shrooms my first time on Saturday and I felt them no more than 30 minutes after ingestion because I smoked right after eating them. I thought I was just high and having a placebo but I looked in the mirror and my pupils were enormous.
  4. It really only takes thirty minutes for shrooms to hit you. Honestly you should eat the shrooms, wait about 15 minutes and then sit down for a nice big smoke session. My girlfriend and I have this times perfectly. You get so baked and just keep getting higher from the shrooms. Love it. You should look into growing some of your own man. It's lots of fun.
  5. same here man. when i did them i smoked right before then when the high started wearing off the shrooms kicked in. also my pupils were ginormous
  6. Wash 'em down with some lemon juice. ;)
  7. I like to let the shrooms hit a little before I "contaminate" the high with a weed high.
  8. i ate my straight with wat little was left in my friends watter bottle. kinda sucked but w/e i had gum lol. my friends girlfriend wanted to chew on a stem like you would with weed but it was funny cause it tasted horrible haha
  9. i crush them up and mix them in some cranberry juice.
  10. I think it depends on the shrooms. I've aten almost up to a quarter in my shroom experiences, but a couple weeks ago I ate 2.5g's and tripped more than ever before.

    But yeah, if you have weed, you can totally make your shit last.

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