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Discussion in 'General' started by IM HI, Mar 2, 2007.

  1. So...jus outta curiosity, if I had an 1/8 of much should I eat at a time? Havent done em since high school, so if u have experience with em please hook a brotha up with some words of wisdom! Thanks.
  2. eat tha whole eighth!!!!u wwill trip good!
  3. yea, but i dont want the freak out trip...i want the fun trip!
  4. eat like 2 grams..u will feel extremly drunk....nice and fun..
    eat like 2.5 and u will c sme shit wen u close ur eyes...
    eat 3.5 and u will see shit involintarly....

    these are base on my experiences...
  5. 3.5 it is :D

    How long does ur trip usually last? Is there any way to tell higher quality shooms from lower quality? I really dont know shit about em other than they grow on lookin forward to eatin em lmao.
  6. shrooms are like a 6-7 hour trip. I think the only way to tell quality is to try em as well
  7. coo, thanks for the info! tommarrow night should be a good one
  8. yea man i told u eat tha whole eighth and u will get a good trip! u are gna have SOOOOOOOOOOOO much fuckn fun!!!! u cant really tell if shrooms r good...all tha ones i have had had tasted like cardbourd and sand...they were good shrooms to me lol.
  9. lol yea, ima grind these up n put em in taste = what i want. lol
  10. hey wata great idea..u can jus swallow dat shit whole basically!!!!!thanks ima do dat from now on we always got apple sauce!!!!
  11. yea, thats how we did it back in high school. started jus eatin em...said fuck that...grabbed the sauce, n away we went...good times lol
  12. Where or how do you exactly go about finding shrooms? I have been smoking weed pretty religiously for about 2 years now and have yet to come about finding any shrooms and ive always been interested in trying it out. If anyone has any suggestions that would be great!:wave:
  13. I dont understand why everyone thinks shrooms are so gross. i wouldnt necesarily say theyre good but I dont have a problem eating them by themselves. it easier that like, a shot of tequela
  14. I guess if u like the taste of ass its all good...personally Ill take a shot of Jose before I eat shrooms plain again...
  15. one last q for anyone. Is it cool to trip alone? im most comfy here in my room relaxin and playin some tunes. or is it not a good idea? thanks!
  16. haha dde if you have aim ill talk to you lol
    i did shrooms and they areso great...
    but i m faded and waa talk to a guy on shroooms lol

  17. To Answer the person who needed help with finding shrooms: IT is generally a bad idea to shroom hunt. You must be very well knowledged in mushroom field books for your area. I would suggest checking out and researching for a good amount of time.

    To IM HI: It is sometimes fun to trip alone. Remember, it's YOUR trip, and YOU want to make YOURSELF comfortable. I still find it more fun to trip with up to 3 or 4 more experienced trippers, with 2 sober sitters always. Never had any problems, but better safe than sorry. Hope this helps everyone. And blend a half a cup of OJ with an 1/8th of shrooms in a blender. Chug mixture. Commence tripping. I grow shrooms, so I can eat them fresh. Quite a different taste.
  18. cool, ima take a g at a time n see how it goes. sit back, put on some tunes n jus relax n daydream. sounds like a good night to me!
  19. u shoudnt trip alone man...unless u kno tha shrooms are legit.....
  20. yea, i trust he guy i got em from, he ate some before sellin em, so i think i should be straight.

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