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  1. im getting a half eigth of hydroponic shrooms, how many should i eat?
  2. the whole 8th. have fun.
  3. ha... ha ha ha hydroponic shrooms... ha lol ha roflmfao ha aha

    btw... there are no hydroponic shrooms. and you should eat the whole eigth just dont pay too much for them.
  4. me and my friend are splitting the halff eigth, is that gunna be enough?
  5. Eat all you have, then go get some more, eat that and have fun.
  6. probly not, unless they are some truly incredible shrooms that amount will hardly be noticable. for two people id suggest at least a quarter, but thats not to say goodtimes cant be had on less. Just this weekend me and my friend split an eigth of some wonderful shrooms and walked around town giggling and watching building breathe.
  7. well the the half eigth is 25 and he said they are "hydro" shrooms even tho i didnt think that was possible, so hopefully they are the bomb
  8. kinda high priced for a half eigth, I doubt you'll get much if you split that with somone, good luck though hopefully ya do :D:hippie:
  9. If you wana make the most of your one bag (since you want to split it); smoke a joint about 15 minutes after you consume them. Then smoke a blunt on your will be a experience you will remember promise me.
  10. 25 should be the price of a whole 8th

    im picking up a quarter tomorrow!!!!! yay
  11. na, a half 8th alone wont really make you trip.

    a half 8th in some lemon extract will make you trip baaaaaalls.

    just chop up half the 8th, put it in a shot glass, add some lemon extract (or some sort or citrus exract) and down that bad boy.

    enjoy. :hippie:
  12. I'm shrooming for my first time this weekend to, I'm getting a half ounce thougg (keeping 2 eights of it) and would an 8th be good for my first trip
  13. A half eighth to yourself will work if they're good, but a half of a half isn't really worth it. Sounds like you're getting extremely ripped off too. I get the dankest shrooms you'll find for 25/eighth or free depending on the demand. Eighth is 2 GOOD trips for me. They're real nice.
  14. There arent hydroponic shrooms, but when people call them that they mean the person grew tem. So they are not fieldys. I always liked grown shrooms, better than the fieldys. And you dont have a chance to eat bad ones. $25 a half 1/8 is pricey, you should get a whole 8h for that. I suggest eating a half 8th or whole 8th your first time. And have fun dude!!:bongin:
  15. if your splitting a half with your friend it willl be a great time. at that amount it will be a good intro to the drug... you'll always have other days to eat more. make sure you have plenty of nuggets to curb nause (which shouldn't be a problem at that dose) and enhance the trip.

    drink a bunch of citrus juice before and during the trip... it really produces a noticeable boost in the effects.

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