shroooms from HT/SKUNK

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  1. so ive been thinking i want to grow shrooms well has anyone had any luck growing shrooms from the ads you see in high times or skunk magazine. its where the growing medium is already in the bag and you just open it, bust the spores in there, close it and throw it somewhere were the humidity is 85%

    well i went to to see what the deal was but they were prettty rude actually and not welcoming like GC blades so

    any info guys??
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    didn't see your Q on shroomery but recently ive heard there has been many uc's lurking the forums of shroomery so thats probably why people are acting like that, i've seen/heard of what your talking about but i cant think of the site right now im noddin hard as fuck, i think it mite of been on you could just follow the simple pf tek method but contamination is your enemy. on a side note it looks like they stopped carying them but you can see them on ther eif you want o ya heres the link
  3. hell yeah i would be cautious to, especailly since it was my first post.

    but thanks for link.

    youve had personal exp growing shroomies :)
    i love them its just no one in north texas has them so im taking matter into my own hands

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