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  1. My friends are being idiots and I want to prove them wrong

    Can you smoke shrooms?

    Does purple haze mean it is laced with acid?

    They think both of these are true
  2. cant smoke shrooms i tryed it

    na purple haze is a very rare starin and only clones still live on and are still really rare too no it doesnt have acid in it, not that you would be able to smoke acid anyways
  3. i highly doubt you can smoke the shrooms, but purple haze is a really rar type of weed (pretty much what the guy above me said) but purple haze is also another name for acid (EX: White Lightning, Red Liquid Sky, & Kaos 23) so yea,......he could jus be sayiin that hes gonna buy some acid, or some weed that he/his dealer thinks is purple haze
  4. i have never heard purple hazed used to describe weed laced with lsd(which is useless because burning lsd destroys it)

    and what the other two said, can't smoke shrooms
  5. i heard of peeps dryin shrooms right out and smokin em..liberty caps, the ones that grow over here in autumn(ish) time...damn cant wait..
    but im high :smoking:

    *only way to truly find out is to try*
  6. The first is a no. Smokin shrooms is a waste.

    And the second, I would have to say no. Although someone could technically do that
  7. Smoking shrooms is only a placebo effect if you think you feel anything. It just doesn't work, at least not psilocin mushrooms. I've heard Amanitas are different, but honestly I don't know. Nevertheless, its extremely bad for your lungs to inhale burnt fungus in the first place.. so I would avoid it. Smoke buds and chew up the shrooms man.
  8. i would compare smoking shrooms with smoking coke

    sure, you can get some effects, but why not use it the way it was meant to. eating booms wil give you so much more as will snorting the coke
  9. exactly. everyone who says you cant get an effect is ignorant. but then again, there's really no point in doing so.

    purple haze is a real strain.
  10. but good luck actually finding REAL purple haze as most people just use the name to jack their prices up
  11. Fair enough scoobydooby, but the one time my buddy talked me into smoking shrooms it didn't do anything at all, other than irritate my lungs. Just personal experience with one type of shroom. I'm almost positive it depends highly on the type that you have, apparently even between psylocibin mushrooms.

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