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  1. What's the average street price for an ounce of decent shrooms?
  2. i get ounces for 150, and that is fucking expensive.
  3. I get my ounces for 90
  4. lucky bastard. i wish.
  5. i can get em for $115
  6. Thats why i love BC.
    I get em for like, 4$ a gram i think, and if i buy like a qp them for even cheaper :)
  7. fwee

    but if i had to pay
    prolly somewhere between 150-200$:eek:

    crazy prices for something so easy to manufacture
  8. Just asked my friend, an ounce around here (Plymouth, MA) is 200. They're pretty rare around here though.
  9. around here its like 150ish, but it should be like 100ish haha
  10. an ounce around here is $100
  11. I would say all the prices above are on the low side. 200 is more around average.

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