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  1. I got this shrooms that are growing out of my front yard. I wanted to now how to now if they are poisn or not. Is there a way to tell if there are magic shrooms or not.
  2. This is a common mistake, yes you can infact go out and pic shrooms in a field, but you can get stuff that will fucking destroy you. You can identify shrooms at erowid. It gives you a whole list of em. Maybe if you describe and take a picture of them, some nice people at will tell you? Hell maybe someone here can tell you.
  3. i guess the shrooms are big and white, dont eat em.

    most of the magic shrooms turn blue when thumped and dried. but some poison or non potent ones do that too.

    if you want to find some shrooms wait till a nice rainfall and go a little before sunrise into some fields.
  4. alright but how would i tell if they are poisn or not. I mean the ones in the field. I mean is there a special way to tell.
  5. there is an old special trick to tell if they are poison or not i have learned from ancient secrets, you take the shroom and dust it lightly and place it in your mouth, slowly chew it into a swallowable substance and wash it down with a drink.
  6. I do not get it. How does that tell if its poisin or not and what is dust it.
  7. He's talking about just plain out eating it. That's about the most stupid thing you could possibly do with mushrooms you know absolutely nothing about. I do not know much about mushies, but check out the websites previously mentioned. Those'll be of some help, at least.

  8. its another way of saying the only way to know if it's poison or not is to try it out, the best way to go is study it and look on to see if it's hallucinogenic or not, many hallucinogenic have identical counterparts that'll kill ya.
  9. I'd say it's just easier to talk to your connections about finding some shrooms. Then you wouldn't even have to mess with possible poisonings and what not.

  10. Chances are if it's growing wild in your front yard it's not safe to eat. Unless you're experienced with mycology or you know the hallucinogenic mushrooms that normally grow wild in your region and can identify those shrooms to match the ones in your front yard I'd leave em alone.
  11. yeah think about it. If you just slightly contaminate your shroom grow it can seriously fuck you up. This has been growing outside with all the germs and shit. Imagine what it could do.
  12. I used to know a guy who would eat any shrooms he saw growing around the place, He'd pick em right there and then and swallow em.......wot a spacer lol!
    He almost never got any buzz of em and a few times straight after swallowing em he would throw up all over the place!
    He had to go to the hospital once alright, It wasnt actually over the shroom itself but he caught a bacterial infection from wotever was on it! See the doctors face when he told him wot he eat lol :D
    Be careful with shrooms though, and at the very least give em a wash before u put em in ure mouth!
  13. HIGH All, don't eat any shrooms you find unless you know for sure. Unless your made of money....I'm sure the hospital and Dr's would love to have some it.

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